C60 Mapei 52s Campagnolo Chorus

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Cervelolite wrote:
Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:11 pm
r4nd0mv4r14bl3 wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:45 pm
Wonderful bikes. Since you have both Di2 and mechanical Campa on them, may I ask what's your opinion on the hoods and shifting ergonomics? How do you find Chorus mechanical comfort wise compared to Di2? Aesthetics aside, which one would you prefer?
Only had one ride on the new Chorus so i'll reserve final judgement for now. I have quite small hands so being absolutely honest the Di2 is better ergonomically - although they're nicely shaped levers I would prefer a reach adjust function on the campy. As for shifting, the chorus is very sharp and takes a bit more time to setup over the di2. Again I would say for pure performance the Di2 also wins mainly due to the auto trim function. But that's not to say that the cabled chorus is bad - just more work. So why did i go chorus?
1) Well cost was the first reason - I scoured the net and put the full groupset together new with the latest parts for £700. I couldn't stomach putting ultegra or ultegra di2 on which meant the other options were much more expensive DA or DA Di2 - refer point 2 as to why I ruled these out.
2) Asthetically it works much better with this frame over Shimano in my opinion.
2) I have 2 bikes with Di2 already. I just wanted something different that I also didn't have to worry about charging before going out for a ride.
3) It's a Colnago so I like the idea of it having Campy gears. When I get back to Aus the Boras will finish it off.
This is glorious!

I'm run Chorus on two bikes - I understand your decision was around cost, but I always smile a bit wider when I see someone roll past on a beautiful frame with nice wheels and they're running Chorus. I really think it's the thinking person's mechanical Campy groupset (with a record chain!).

Also, I'm in Melbourne and I happen to have a set of dark label Bora Ultra 35 tubulars I'm considering parting with. Ping me when you get back to oz if you're interested. They won't see much more use until next December when the climbing starts again. They're wrapped in Corsa G+ with the grey sidewalls that match the decals. Done 600k - they are my climbing-only wheelset, bought a year ago and present as perfect. They are the 24.2mm wide ones, with non-AC3 brake surface (and are better according to Calnago... ).

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