2018 Scott Genius Tuned

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by Gullholm

motorapido wrote:
Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:57 pm
Nicely integrated, although you might find the shift buttons a bit small for MTB use unless you intend to put some larger heads on them.

Whats the plan, are you going to machine it from alloy or metal RP parts, some of the new RP sinter materials like the Ti used by Pinarello on the Tallon TT bars and brake levers look interesting and a nice finish. A secondary bar clamp locating onto the Twinloc and edge of your shifter pod would probably reinforce your design enough for it to be strong enough in a Nylon SLS part.

I can recommend Digits2Widgits in the UK for cheap good quality RP parts in SLS as they have a workpiece size pricing strategy which makes them the best price wise i've come across.
Thanks for the suggestions!
Usually I'm all for function and the initial plan was to go with the big original Shimano SW-R600 buttons, but will go a bit form over function and give small buttons a try this time. My Genius isn't used for racing or such so I'm alright with that. This print was made kinda basic, just to test the ergonomics, so the buttons will be given a slight angle and the length/shape of the levers will change as well.
If it works well and depending on what other builds I do in the future, I might take what I learn from this one and have a new one made with more focus on "race ready ergonomics".

It'll be made from aluminium to match the rest of the bike. The guy who does all the work (I just came with the initial idea and give input along the way) is Otto Tillander of NOCT Design & Engineering. Very nice and skilled guy, usually does a lot of work for custom car builds.

by Weenie

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by mattr

Maybe try a pivoted rocker or toggle over the top of the two buttons. Should be lighter than the buttons and you can play with the ergonomics.

Or just go to momentary switches and a hack job into the junction box.........

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