custom Scott Scale 700 RC 6.630g

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by Moyo

danny wrote:
Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:53 pm
I have the same frame and if I try to put inside the head hole the avid brake cable not go inside, the hole i'ts too small.
maybe i have smaller tube :noidea:

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by poynt

I also have run the rear brake internally. I did open up the headtube hole, just big enough for the bare brake hose, but the stop is still ok to use say a 4mm deraileur hose and end cap if needed. At the bottom bracket I ran the hose out of what was the front mech cable guide port, I am running a x1 so I cut the plastic cable guide in half, I may still open or at least champfer the hole to get a smoother run on the cable to the rear stay or use the drainport hole. I would have liked to do a full internal run to a new exit port on the chainstay but it would have involved a little too much carbon work.
Apart from Kai's great mods there is also this chap ( who has done a couple of great internal mods both rear brake and deraileur.

by Weenie

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