Long time coming: Colnago C-60 comes to life!

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by Calnago

Holy smokes... that’s bad, about the bottle hitting the downtube. Even though my frames are larger, the bottom of the cage on the seat tube is pretty much at the height of the top of the front derailleur brazeon. I’d be inclined to check out some other C60’s your size to see if the situation is the same. If not, then I’d be inclined to think that the waterbottle jig was misplace during production and be asking for a replacement. Aside from that, not sure I like the new cages much better :). Have you at least tried some Arundel Mandibles. I mention them because they have 4 mounting holes so that you can actually mount them at two different heights. Depending on how much more room you need, maybe they might at least make it work. Because as it is, it doesn’t.
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by Weenie

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by dj97223

Yeah, you need a cage that can sit higher. Also, perhaps, a bottle that is beveled at the bottom will give you a bit more clearance. I have two sets of these and they work well and look good, imo:

https://fairwheelbikes.com/fair-wheel-v ... ttle-cage/
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by Delorre

Lovely bike!! Is that a 48s? Do you mind to share your saddle height? I ask because my dad is looking for a new bike, and if Colnago, it would be a 48s (short legs and longer torso)

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