Colnago C40 Mk. 2 51cm Mapei

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by dudemanppl

So this thing was up on my wall for a while and I look at it everyday and I'm just like.... shit I'll build it back up again. Waiting on rims to come in to build up a less bling wheelset...



Original thread:


More to come.


Still awaiting some parts but here is a preliminary build list. Also looking in to an SRM from another member here, hopefully can grab that! Should be under 15 lbs without the SRM, a number which surprised me.

Colnago C40 Mk. 2 51cm Mapei

Colnago Star Carbon/Campagnolo Record Threadless 1"

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Super Record Ti 170mm/Campagnolo Ultra Torque

Look Keo Blade 2 Ti 16nm

Campagnolo Super Record 11/SR 11 12-27t/XPSS 50/34t/Record

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Rev+ Tuned

Ritchey WCS NeoClassic 40cm Stealthed/3T ARX Team 120mm -17d Stealthed

Berk Lupina 132mm Padded White/Colnago Carbon 28.0mm 20mm Setback

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Differential Tuned

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra 2 Clincher/Vittoria Corsa Control G+ 25mm Black

King Ti/Fizik Endurance White
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by glepore

You dog. Got here quick. Don’t ride it, wouldn’t want to be disappointed

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by Weenie

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by KarlC

What's the build plans ?

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by dudemanppl


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by LorneMalvo

Well that’s a good start already watching this with interest

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by garjo

nicer paint scheme ever, I hope in a contemporary italian groupset :)
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Will you do a retro or modern build?

Note: With the C60 out, the older Colnagos (C40, C50, C59, etc) aren't getting much cheaper. I only started following Colnago prices recently, though.

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by MrMojo

I picked up a "barn find" C40 B Stay with the Mapei paint last year for £360 from ebay. Seller was selling her recently deceased father-in-laws bike, had a totally wrong auction description, even spelt Colnago wrong. I nearly felt guilty when I handed over my cash as she had no idea what she was selling.

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by oshkikimi

wow great custom painting

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by caballero

How's this one coming along so far ??

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by m4k1

pics mrmojo!

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by dudemanppl

Still waiting on a few parts. :(

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by KarlC

dudemanppl wrote:
Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:17 am
Still waiting on a few parts. :(
A few build shots would be nice, looking forward to this one.

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by RyanH

Yes, please bring your garage door out and snap some shots.
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by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

Build list added.

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