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by coriordan

Hi all, seriously long time lurker and have made a couple of other posts on a Basso thread down the way.

After much umming and erring, I took the plunge on a Colnago C59. I originally wanted a Basso Astra but I couldn't find it in my size in my colourway and to be totally honest it wasn't special enough to warrant spending the cash on it, even at the stupid prices it's available for at Cycle Republic (in the UK). After following a Bikeradar thread and someone posting about used C59s, I did a quick google and this one came up for silly money for sale by a bike shop not too far down the road. I took it for a spin and it put a silly grin on my face straight away, so I put a deposit down there and then and picked it up this morning.

I have to say it is absolutely incredible ride and to be totally honest I never thought I'd own a Colnago, Di2 or Zipps, but here we are. I absolutely love the colourway and while not identical it pretty much looks like the 150th anniversary colourway i've seen on here and bikeradar.

Some may be offended by Shimano and in fact Ultegra, but that's all the ridiculously blown budget could afford. Given the wheels and groupset are brand new, basically one of them ended up being free at this price.


Frame: Colnago C59 - TSIT - 57 Traditional
Groupset: Shimano 6870 throughout 52/36-11/28
Wheelset: Zipp 303 Clinchers
Tyres: Schwalbe One
Stem: Colnago Nemesis 120mm
Bars: 3t Tornova Pro 44cm
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Carbon
Pedals: Shimano Ultegra
Seatpost: Colnago Carbon
Bartape: Fizik

I'm sorry I don't have all the weight info, but as you can imagine it's not a WW build but truly is a joy to ride and given there's a bit of space on the steerer tube, I can continue to ride it until I am old, fat and my belly rests on the top tube.

Happy to take some critique on the setup as it will be a work in progress, but no I won't be sticking Campag on it and I won't be buying Dura Ace di2 either, sorry!

Only ridden about 25 miles on it so far, and so far I can tell it needs a more heavily angled stem, so looking for recommendations on: Stem, Bars, Bartape, Bottle Cages. Thinking Deda Zero 100 bar/stem in white and Fizik tape. Bottle cages no idea (type or colour!)

Current setup:

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by wheelbuilder

Congrats! Looks really good in my opinion without much tweaking needed. Wondering how subdued Zipp logos would look, but looks great as is!

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by alistaird

Nice build... the more you ride the less chance your belly will hit the top tube :-)

Always wondered what the advantages of a sloping geometry but now I know, more room for my belly...

Thankfully it's not another BoB build and we have some colour. How about a bike fit followed by an integrated bar/stem combo like an FSA to keep in with the Italian (designed anyway) theme? I think one would look great on this build.


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by jimaizumi

I think you made a great choice....I've heard nothing but good things about the C59. In fact, some have even said that its much better than the C60.
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by alistaird

jimaizumi wrote:I think you made a great choice....I've heard nothing but good things about the C59. In fact, some have even said that its much better than the C60.

I've not ridden either the C59 or C60 but from an aesthetics perspective - I prefer the more 'conventional' tubes of the C59. As this is WW - maybe that's because it 'looks lighter' :-)


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by coriordan

Interesting point about the Zipp logos, will look at that to see how easy it would be to change.

Like the idea of an integrated cockpit, but jeez they are expensive. The few brands who do it in all white are quite expensive. Was tempted to go with the deda zero 100 bar stem combo which is quite affordable and I really like it as it's on my other bike, especially the bar shape. Just not sure it's a bit too heavy on the logos.

As for the shape, they seem kinda similar to me, but I prefer the C59 colourways (AD10 and this one) and I love the idea of a threaded BB as it can be easily maintained by even someone as ham fisted as me!

Any thoughts on bottle cages?

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by gangbang

My vote for King-Ti for this build.

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by TomHelly

Lovely colour!

As others have said, perhaps a change in the Zipp decals (gloss black?) would help shift the focus to that superb frame.

For bottle cages... Arundel Mandible in white!

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by coriordan

How easy is it to change the decals? Sounds like a good idea.

Will keep an eye out for the cages. Was going to go with Elite Custom Race and acetone the decals off?

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by FIJIGabe

I would leave the decals alone, given the white saddle/stem. I think it adds to the look, not detracts. My only "complaint" would be the black bar tape. I'd probably go with white, to match the saddle/stem combo.

BTW, changing decals on Zipp wheels isn't too difficult, but will take about an hour. You have to use a hairdryer to peel the decals off, otherwise, they're a bear to remove. I did it with my last pair of 303's, which were demo wheels with the yellow decals.
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by Look565w

Like your C59 very much, Coriordan!

It's definetly one C series Colnago that I'm still lusting for!

I agree with other's regarding some white bar tape, I'm not a fan of them but in this case I thing it would look good!

Looking at your photo, I'm not sure if it's just the angle, but it looks more like a sloping geometry to my untrained eyes.
Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll love it regardless whether it's a Traditional or Sloping geo!


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by c60rider

As others have said perhaps white bar tape would look good on this bike to match the saddle as well. Maybe you could photoshop the logos out on the wheels to see what they'd look like but I think it would emphasise the frame far more which is what colnagos are about. Maybe a black stem, seatpost and saddle with the black bar tape would look even better but something to consider for the future if the budget has been blown! Whatever you decide to do I'm sure it will be great and a bike worth keeping long term.
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by Seedster

Great looking bike. Congratulations on the new ride. It looks great.

If you want to make it even better, I would suggest getting white bar tape to match your saddle. I think your idea of Elite cages is a the right way to go.

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by fromtrektocolnago

i would not go white bar tape. difficult to keep clean. my c-59 is white as well, but not the same paint scheme. i think black tape goes quite well and its what i have.
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by TonyM

I would personally go for a black seatpost and a black stem.

But if you love the white go for a white tape.

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