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by chazmtb

I need your help to finish a build.
Finally after 30 years of of lusting after a bike, I was able to purchase my unicorn, in my size, 54 traditional Colnago Master Mapei. This baby popped up on eBay, and I was able to get it. The bike came with record 10 titanium triple and a flash fork.


I have another Master Light Art Decor that I built up abut 6 months ago. This bike has silver Athena 11, record hubs and Mavic SUP rims, pista fork, Campagnolo seatpost, Cinelli stem and bars.


I also have a modern group 2016 Campagnolo Chorus with 2014 Campagnolo SR crankset and Campagnolo Zonda 17.

Here is my dilemma. Do I raid the Master Light Decor of the components and pista fork to put on the Master Mapei, and put the carbon groupset on the pink master, or build the Mapei up with the carbon groupset.

Thanks for the advice.

by Weenie

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by c60rider

For me a chrome plated bike always looks better with alloy components so it's whichever bike you like best I'd put the alloy on. However there are plenty of old steel Colnagos on the Colnago thread with more modern carbon groups and they look equally good. It just needs to be done tastefully and you've got a great mix of components to get two cracking bikes,

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by Stolichnaya

The Master Light looks great. I would not touch a thing there. On the Mapei, consider sourcing an older square taper Campy crankset that is a double - either a carbon or alu. The stem and bars are tough on the eyes, so something silver, at least the stem, would be appropriate. Wheels after that, but you can always borrow the wheels from the Master Light. (I would encourage you to remove the decals from the Mavics, the branding looks kinda cheap on the Colnago frame but those are solid wheels for training.) The other parts on the Mapei are fine, you can run a big cassette on that long cage RD.

The Masters with the carbon fork always looks somehow off symmetrically. I would be interested to see someone paint one those Star Carbons to match the frame or at least white it out. It would probably bring the entire bike together.

And if you are planning some long mountain slogs, perhaps with a backpack, I would not be ditching the triple completely.

Nice Colnago collection there. Enjoy them both.

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by chazmtb

Ok. Looking to source a chrome presica fork for the mapei. In the meantime time I'll build it up with the carbon group and silver stem. White turbo saddle and mapei blue bar tape. Just want 11 speed group so that I can use the different wheels if I wanted it.

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by TonyM

I would only change the crankset (to a double) and the wheels of the Mapei.

by Weenie

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by glepore

If it were only looks I was concerned about, I'd either paint a straight quality 1 in carbon fork to match and box up the flash (its nice but nothing special in ride) or go prescia, but the presicia is heavy with a capital h by today's standards. I can vouch for the look of a "painted to match" fork-my c40 has one and it looks killer in blue and white.
Spacers need to match the stem and be either all black or all chrome depending. I like the black cockpit, personally.
Yes, delogo the wheels.
I don't like the triple, but if you're actually going to ride the thing, it may be better than the alternatives. I don't ride my beautiful Technos much anymore because it has a 52/39. There are old style carbon Campy compacts that would look ok with that group but they're hard to come by. If you don't want or need a compact, then a period record crank, either alloy or carbon.
Sweet stable.
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