F10 Disk w/ Enve SES 5.6 - Photos and Details

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by MRM

Looks superb!

by Weenie

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by superdx

djgarrett21 wrote:
Lelandjt wrote:Smaller than my bike.
More than double the price of my bike.
Probably about the same aero as my bike.
More than 2lbs heavier than my bike.
Meh to disc brakes. I bet it stops sooo nicely;)

Sorry, but this is weightweenies, not braking modulation weenies.

Well then I guess that settles it. Lelandjt has the better bike. He has also completely shutdown any argument for disc brakes on this site. Lets all take a moment to stand in awe of Lelandjt, his dizzying intellect, and his most amazing bike.

As for the OP's bike, normally I would think it is a pretty awesome machine, but after hearing about Lelandjt's bike I just want to dry heave.

Gotta say I did laugh myself slightly out of my chair

PS - Stunning bike

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