Electronic shifting 25 years ago: Look KG 176 with Mavic ZMS 8000 ZAP

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by TonyM

Bridgeman wrote:
Asteroid wrote:
Bridgeman wrote:Wow! Does this bring back memories. On our local group ride, someone was sporting the Zap version groupset right when it first came out. As we began to roll out it began to rain. About 10 minutes later, the rear derailleur stopped working.

Fantastic build, and quite a significant bit of history!

Possibly the same ride in SoCal? The rider owned a shop (still does) and would always ride some of the latest gadgetry. Seems that experience in the rain "zapped" his enthusiasm for the system.

Yes...very nice build...don't you dare ride it! :mrgreen:

This was a NorCal occurrence. I think it's safe to say this and more were happening everywhere the group was sold.

Back in the days we had also some guys having these Mavic electronic group but with rain or with some humidity they usually had some problems. So nobody bought them after that. It was however quite cool to see it working. Really an innovation from Mavic!

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by Rich_W


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!!! :sick:

by Weenie

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by P90Puma

Good on you for installing it versus just keeping it in the original box.

Looks like we have come a long way.

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