BMC RoadMachine02 as my new rain & winter bike

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by iamraymond

Were you able to order the roadmachine 02 as a frameset? Or did you buy the whole bike and sell off all the components?

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by bilwit

iamraymond wrote:
Fri May 18, 2018 7:04 pm
Were you able to order the roadmachine 02 as a frameset? Or did you buy the whole bike and sell off all the components?
I'm pretty sure BMC only sell the RM01 (better carbon but no fender mounts) as frameset-only (unlike some brands that let resellers order frameset-only regardless from distribution) so it would have to be up to your dealer to see how (or if) they would want to do it.

In my case, they told me that if I wanted a custom build on the RM02, I would have to buy the whole bike and gave me the option to either be credited for 50% MSRP of all the components I wanted to replace or take the parts and sell them myself on ebay or whatever.. I ended up taking the credit (I already had most of the parts ready to transfer from my old bike anyway, just needed to buy DA rotors+shifters+brakes from the dealer).

It's worth a shot asking your dealer though, I luckily had the white Teammachine SLR01 sold to me as frameset-only despite it only sold as a whole-bike only (same shop wouldn't do the same for me with the Roadmachine a few months later :lol: )

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by TonyM

You can buy the RM01 as a frameset but you don’t have the hidden fender mounts.

As BMC doesn’t sell the RM02 as a frameset I had to buy a full bike (the RM02 ONE because of the colour I wanted) and sell the Ultegra Di2 etc...and replace everything. I only kept the frame and the proprietary seat post. I also kept the 3T wheelset just in case I need another wheelset and as they were not worth a lot of money for the resale). I also changed the stem and the handlebar to the Pro Vibe stem and Pro Vibe carbon handlebar. It was by far not the cheapest method but I intend to keep this bike for the next 20 years so that I figured out that for me it was worth the cost.

Funny enough there is a guy in the club I joined a few months ago who bought just the same bike (in that same colour) last winter. He however uses it as his summer bike and kept all original parts except the wheels which he swapped for Zipp NSWs).

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