2002 S-Works E5 50cm Cipo Edition - 6.3kg

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by dudemanppl

Hello all, I have a new bicycle. Some of you who also check the classifieds here saw that I had an Izalco Max listed up. I WAS going to build that up, but I found this cool ass rare piece of history. I'm not sure how many of these were made, but probably not many? I bought the frameset and pretty much everything else was new. I honestly haven't ridden it yet but I'm about to head out soon. No crazy WW parts and I have an alloy frame down to around 6.3, not bad! Some of the weights are estimated because I lost my phone, but pretty they're pretty close to what I remember.



by Weenie

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by SampsC50

Nice looking bike!
Can the fork really be that light? EVNE specs says 350 grams full length.
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by Kumppa

If you calculate all those weights you get 6135,7g so something wrong. Atleast Enve 2.0 can't weight less than 200g, maybe 300g could be possible.

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by wheelbuilder

Such a bad-ass bike! Looks fantastic. Super short head tube.......paint looks great! Is that possibly a counterfeit Enve 2.0? I have seen one of those come through the shop that was outrageously light, but questionable if it could be safely ridden. That weight is very low for an Enve fork.

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by dudemanppl

Whoops, 291g not 191g... No wonder you guys were going crazy over it. The uncut fork was 353g if anyone cares.

Ride review:

Holy shit this is by far the harshest frame I have ever been on. I have 24mm Turbo Cottons at 65/70 on 17mm internal rims and WOW. If I run over a grain of sand I could probably feel it. But... I sort of like that? I've never really had a frame this harsh and I sort of like the drastic difference between this and the super plush Stelbel. It is also very very stiff as a pedaling platform too, so its a fun ride. Me likey. I think my KCNC rear skewer shifted a little in a sprint, but by the time I stopped to fix it, it had corrected itself? I'm only ~57kg so thats sort of settling. Time will tell though, I have DT RWS skewers if needed.

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by tonytourist

TummyKane wrote:I'm only ~95kg so thats sort of settling.

:shock: :shock:

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by Lightweenie

Really great bike, as always!

Everytime I see such a build, I can't help but think that I'm doing something wrong with my 6.7kg bike on a 750gr frame...

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by morganb

This is such a rad build. My first race bike was one of these in red, super stiff. Funny enough I am back on an Allez Sprint now and it kind of reminds me of an ultra refined descendant.

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by dereksmalls

How do you find the headset? Is it smooth or a little gritty feeling?

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by godzuki26

Sexy as F$&K. You need to also get the Zebra Skinsuit and Briko sunglasses.


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by dudemanppl

dereksmalls wrote:How do you find the headset? Is it smooth or a little gritty feeling?

I use AERII headsets on all my build as they save 20-30g. They are completely smooth.

I think I will go against being a pro kit wanker though...

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by junchen

Do u have a scale shot of the bike?

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by bikericer

I have a red one of these frames that will hang on my wall forever, maybe I'll pass it down to my soon one day. Sweet snag with the zebra paint job.

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by FilmAt11

Nice build, looks like a lot of fun on smooth pavement.

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by Weenie

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