My Scott Pro Racing Project bike

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by sniperworks

I stripped my Scott Expert Racing and weight all parts including the frame. it was a total of 12.56 Kg!!! wich is pretty near to what Scott told in the books.

The frame weights 1629g without any bolts and without the brakebosses. so it is the bare frame.
The frame size is a Large. the brake bosses are 20g. Skogling I don't know if you measured the frame with or without bosses.

My current build list:
Frame: Scott Expert racing 2003 Large in beautifull blue
what I already got: left over from the Pro racing

stem: Thomson Elite 110 mm
post: Thomson Elite 26.8x330
postclamp: simple one with bolt instead of QR
saddle: Selle Italia Flite Transam Ti
SRAM PG990 Red spider cassette (still on the other scott but will be replaced)
KMC X9 SL gold (same story as cassette)
Continental Twister SS or Specialized Fatboy's (pure for road riding) wit latex tubes

Bought: (but still need to arrive)

Deore XT M760 short cage rear mech.
Rock Shox Reba World Cup.

Avid Juicy Ultimate brakeset.
DT 240 hubs and DT spokes and nipples
Token Carbon handlebar
WCS grips (foam)
XT M753 front mech
XT shifters
XT crankset
M959 pedals

so I got alot of work to do, maybe I am finished near the end of the year, I hope earlier but I need some pretty expensive stuff (brakes and wheels) wich can delay the build.

As soon as I made some serious progress I will make some pics of it.

Pedro Barbosa
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by Pedro Barbosa

Hi sniperworks,

Do you know which size is 2003 pro racing seatpost collar ?

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by sniperworks

Well I Started with building up the Expert racing:

What I got:
- Scott USA Expert racing frame
- Rock Shox Reba World Cup
- Shimano Deore XT M760 Crankset with Extralite Chainring bolts:
- Shimano Deore XT M760 GS Rear Mech with red SRP bolts and a alloy Pivot bolt.
- Shimano Deore XT M739 Front mech... but will be changed to a M750 (mistaken it for a M750 when I bought it on Ebay, the M750 is lighter then the 760)
- Token Carbon Handlebar
- Extralite Neogrips
- Selle Italia Flite Trans Am Titanium
- American Classic 350 Disc rims (Of wich 1 is 23g to heavy.. :? )
And a buch of small parts and stuff I posted above like Chain, Cassette etc...

What I Ordered and waiting for :D
- Chris King NoTreadset in red
- Magura Marta SL (already got the Ti and Alloy bolts I need :D)
- Shimano Deore XT M760 Dual Release Shifters (2007 model)

And what I still need to order:
- DT 240S hubs and some spokes and red anodised nippels


Hi Pedro Barbosa,

I just noticed that you had a question... a but late but the Pro racing and other bikes from the racing have a 26.8 stem size and a 31.8 collar size.
(exept the Team Issue)

hope it helps....
XT mech small.jpg
Reba small.jpg
Crankset small.jpg
Frame small.jpg

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Dr Sunn
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by Dr Sunn

Hi Guys !

I want to change ma USE Alien Carbon because I find that it is not practical. It is hard to fix the saddle on seat post, and the carbon slides on the shim.

My seat post is in 25 diameter, and my Scott Pro Racing in 26.8 diameter.

There is a problem, 26.8 is a rare diameter :? Can you give me some seat post models ? Thomson, Easton ?

I would like a light seat post. Actually my USE weight 148gr.

Thank you ! I am sorry for my English :oops: French WW community

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by sniperworks

Thomson is availeble in 26.8
I got a lovely Thomson Elite in silver if you like :wink:

I think I will change the Thomson set for a WCS set. cause I can get a WCS set really cheap and the guy at Ritchey said he will look for a 26.8 (they are not produced anymore)

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