Stinner Gibraltar Disc Ti Fade

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by SuperDomestique

Hopefully this is somewhere over the Atlantic right now and we build next week.

I've been a fan of Stinner for some time and earlier this year we worked it out and brought them to the UK with my little fit studio and workshop in London.

I wanted to use the R9170 groupset and build a bike that could eat up crappy UK roads.

With that in mind I kept the geometry very close to my last few custom frames and made a couple of small tweaks.

I'm settled on handlebar stack and reach now, low bb, Colnago kind of trail. On this bike I lengthened the chainstays and wheelbase/reach a little over my last bikes and chose a 120mm instead of 130 stem.

Primary goal was to make a bike that descends as good as possible.

I wanted a 1.5 degree top tube but had to concede a little to Stinner's seat tube extension requirements so we ended up at 3ish.

Happy with the final look...


Paint I wanted to be a 3 colour fade in our shop colour Seafoam green running into Crazy Plum purple.


I said to Stinner to go crazy on the paint and they suggested an increasing amount of pearl and metallic in the paint from front to rear. I've got one of the glittery purple Surly Stragglers so was up for that. In the end decided on a black with a tiny amount of disco in for the logos, only visible up close in the sun.


We ended up here...


The build is:

Dura Ace R9170 hydro di2 with a couple of tweaks..
ENVE 3.4 RD2 fork
ENVE stem and post
Fizik Snake bars
ENVE 3.4 G2 rims on 240 hubs, custom hub decals
S-Works Romin Evo
Not sure on tyres, was hoping the Corsa Control TL would be with us by now. I have some 26mm S-Workls Turbo TL and Schwalbe One TL. Ideally want to run a plush 28mm. I love the corsa G+ in 25mm but they are too fragile for our roads from now on in the year, the new Controls look great, maybe just use the clinchers when they drop in a couple of weeks. I've got a few 27mm Paves stocked away too. :noidea:

Anyway, here we are.


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by Heavyhitter

That's some serious bike porn. Congrats

by Weenie

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by burglarboycie

Hell yeah!! Can't wait to see more!

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by bencolem

Looking good. I really rate the Schwalbe Pro One TLE tires...

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by Squashednuts

SuperDomestique wrote:
Dura Ace R9170 hydro di2 with a couple of tweaks..

What are the tweaks you are planning?

Watching with interest :beerchug:

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by dudemanppl

You need a Thomson seatpost collar bro!

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by LorneMalvo

Lovely! Watching this with interest

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by kgt

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by Yetiunio

Probably this isn't a picture I could show to the juvenile :D BikePorn!

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by muffinman

Wow that looks good. Can't wait to see this built

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by SuperDomestique

Excited to have got this built up.

Although the photos are nice, they don't pick up the detail of the paint, metallic plum crazy - metallic blue - metallic + pearl seafoam.

The pearl fades front to back over the first two colours and the black also has some disco sparkle.

Stinner did a great job.


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by aharbutt

That is an amazing build and the fade is done perfectly.

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by corky

Love everything but the enve stem.......

Looks perfect for crappy Surrey road surfaces

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by FIJIGabe

Absolutely stunning! How does it ride?

Also, how were you able to route the Di2 wires? Sorry if you posted it in the photos, I can't see it from my computer because of the firewall (I can only see some of the photos, and I'm totally in love with this build)!
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by Weenie

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by AZR3

corky wrote:Love everything but the enve stem.......

Looks perfect for crappy Surrey road surfaces

I completely agree, not sure why so many of these custom builds use that stem, never seen a bike it looks good on

With that out of the way, everything else looks incredible

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