Sub 5kg of German lightweight engineering: AX Lightness Ultra 2017

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by kgt

mrlobber wrote:What I also liked, that I could easily hold speeds 35 kph and above today on the flats, so even with the Tour saying the aero difference is 20W vs Cervelo S5 and similar, I actually did the same distance only 0.5 kph slower on average vs a month ago (probably this sounds like a sweet music to kgt's ears :D :D)

I would never trade your bike for an S5 or any of the aero 'marvels'. :)

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by Geoff

Ok, that's nice. You're weighting the label and the valve stem cap... :D

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by mrlobber

That's called "weight conservativism" ;) :D

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by 4ibanez

8) Nice ride

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