New Wilier Cento 10 Air - Ramato

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by bura

Think that sometimes people talk about the same issue with very similar thoughts and comments on forums can 'overshoot' ,so that one side misunderstands the others input to the same story.My input was to 'copper colour' in general,and not to the specific 'Ramato' named Wilier code.
Here's another try:
I know about Ramato being Wilier's 'historical' colour code. I know about the history behind Ramato , not only after the story was picked up again by Wilier on some of their last show-bikes.
I think the 'new' Ramato colour as to be seen on the Air here has as much in common with the original 'historical' Ramato as Peugeot's copper theme.
As said 'as much'which is my opinion ,you said it has 'nothing' to do with the Peugeot colour.
So you may still disagree on that which I have to consider but that's life....we have to live with the opinion of other people.
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by Weenie

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by kgt

Ok, I see what you mean now that you 've explained it. Still it is far from Peugeot's copper colour IMO and much closer to the original Wilier colour but we do not disaggree in practice.

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by DcGrady

WOW :thumbup:

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by Scarpa

Do you now your frame weight? Also the fork would be interesting.

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by Scarpa

And what size do you have?

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by Nixster

I have to say that's a stunning bike, I'm not sure that I'd get past looking at it often enough in order to ride it!
Does it ride like it looks? Please say it does!

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by nismosr

Beauty .. is the bar DEDA Alanera ?

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by jmagoulas

nismosr wrote:Beauty .. is the bar DEDA Alanera ?

I think it is Wilier own bar stem combo.


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by jimaizumi

The bar/stem combo should be the Ursus Magnus H.01 rebranded under the Wilier name, granted they also sponsor the team with wheels as well.

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by glepore

Similar to Ursus, but it uses a unique clamp.
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by nismosr

awesome, Ursus got some weird sizing .. 115mm stem length.

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by ultyguy

How's the ride?

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by Delorre

nismosr wrote:awesome, Ursus got some weird sizing .. 115mm stem length.

But only 1 width per lenght, so very limited choise. Weird, as they talk about "most presonalized handlebar ever created" it's rather the other way around :noidea: Look at the Most or Syncros bar-stem combo's : you have something like 15 or more combinations of lenght and width, that's what I call personalisation!

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by tmr5555

IT isn't the ursus re-badged, the "alabarda" bar-stem allows for the cables to be passed discreetly through the head tube.

by Weenie

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