2012 Cervelo R5 VWD 6.718kg. Oldie but Goodie. Updated PICS/Build. Pg 2!

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by Wookski

MomentumR5 wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:20 pm
jmagoulas wrote:Was thinking the master Busyman for tape.

Woah! Now that's refined. For a Proper Gentleman. Nice!! I did update my bike with a new group. I'll submit photos once I can work FlickR.
Terrible bar tape if you’re interested in actually gripping the bars- and this is coming from someone who uses fizik superlight (aka the gold standard for terrible grip).

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by themidge

Why would you want loads of grip on bar tape? I've got some pretty thin, smooth tape on my vitus and it feels much nicer than the grippier stuff on my b'twin. I prefer the way less grip allows you to swing the bike side to side more easily in the drops.

by Weenie

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by Quasidodo

I have the same R5 VWD, same colour, with Sram red, Dura Ace 24 wheels,

FSA light cranks, FSA carbon stem, Ergonova bars and Oric seatpost. I have had it a while

and it came that way for £2150, second hand online. 6.34 kilos ( he lied, saying 6.1), everything bar

frame and wheels were brand new, untouched. He lied about a few things, but it's turned me into a

very heavy duty park racer, especially for my age. Unless they are top grade, I can stay with anything

on 2 wheels, the R5 makes it really easy to fight for position, especially when you think you have no

more left to give.

It is a stunning bike in all areas, except the Sram red brakes, nearly useless, but you allow for it.

I'm chasing afrer a Cervelo S5 with Sram etap and Enve wheels, but I hear bad reports online and verbally

for the "for Cervelo Enve SES 3.4" wheels. I want it on 0% over 3 or 4 years, but I cannot get

the etap and ENVE option to marry up. It is almost like they are trying to sell us that which

benefits them most, while leaving me thinking, "did I get a good deal" ?. I think the answer

is no. I've been searching English sites for a week and I'm getting nowhere, not very good

service either.

Back to the R5, it climbs like I could halve my age and only the mirror forces the truth on me!!

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by gurk700

I love it including the white bar tape.

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