new 2016 caad 12 black inc.

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by lilocaad12

hello forum members, i purchased a 2016 cannondale CAAD12 Black Inc. from a local bike shop on clearance for $3100, discounted from from $5,800.

It was discounted an additional $100 due to a small scratch near the bottom bracket. I later found a few spots where the black paint was scuffed off from the from wheel spokes. It comes with Ksyrium Pro wts wheelset, which is Mavic's upper offerings. Anyway, the bike shop is contacting cannondale to try and get me a replacement wheel. They are also offering me a full refund if that fails, the sales lady mentioned that i had purchased the last 54 cm 2016 Black Inc in the are and they would not mind having it back at the sales floor.

Is my deal a very good deal ? I have read that this particular bike is very high end and in high demand as a aluminum framed bike. Or is the sales lady trying to inflate the popularity of the bike to convince me to keep the bike ?

Thank you all for any input.

ps. the bike came with a carbon handlebar as part of the first batch of 2016's.
full dura-ace components, wheelset as mentioned above, cannondale's hallowgram sisl2 spiderring.

by Weenie

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by 2lo8

A little paint scratched off isn't going to kill you unless it's compromising the frame underneath. Not sure how the spokes were rubbing the frame though. It's not a bad price at all, but I seriously doubt they actually want last year's bike back when there's a new Dura Ace this year. What they might rather do is have the bike back and sell it as-is to someone else instead of trying to sink money fixing a clearance bike.
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by lilocaad12

is it a good deal at 3 thousand ?

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by asiantrick

I would say it's a decent deal. Couple small paint chips won't kill you. If they can't get you a replacement wheel, tell them to give you a few hundred bucks discount on the bike and use that $ to upgrade to a much better wheelset.

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