Storck F.3 WIP Initial Build - Size M (55)

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by Discoverspeed

@2000km Report

1. Stiff and responsive (power transfer is immediate)
2. Very comfortable rear - special comfort seat post designed to flex and it really works (visible too if you look at their video). Definitely not marketing hype.
3. Ultralight - the S frame came in at 740g !
4. Nice fork that accommodates very wide rims and is both light and stiff

Ride Feel:
1. 1+2 = rarely a frame provides stiffness and comfort as they are opposite attributes. This super stiff and ultralight frame delivers the comfort via the special comfort seat post.
2. 1+3 = performs better as a climbing bike rather than one for flats/ criterium style of riding. The only other frames that can beat it (but not by much) on the climb are the F0.6 and F0.7 as they are the traditional round tubes that give them very uniform stiffness all round - i.e., both vertically and horizontally compliant. I climb about 2kmh faster (at zone 3 effort, same climbs, same setup) on the Storck F-series compared to my heavier italian rides. Zone 2 levels probably can't feel too much of a difference.

1. Stealth black is so overdone. 8 years' roll already. I am 54 and want to feel young again with catchier colours. Frame is light enough for any added weight
2. No choice of other seat posts because of it's proprietary "D' shaped profile design
3. Top tube longer than other brands - luckily the seat post has very little setback but I find myself having to choose a stem that is one to two sizes shorter, depending on the reach of the handlebar chosen
4. Bit harsh on the front. You need a cockpit that can give some flex. Cockpit is the missing link in this bike but I understand that Storck has just announced a road aerobar (probably like Canyon) that provides the comfort flex.

Overall impressions:
1. This would be my go to bike for hillier routes. It's climbing prowess is outstanding. For this role, either the Lightweights or Schmokle TLOs are outstanding
2. The longer top tube also results in a longer wheelbase than my other similar sized rides. This provides less choppy and more relaxed climb. Climbing out of saddle is also better as I don't seem to "trip over" as my CG is within the wheelbase. Very steady out of saddle
3. It is not as fast as my other bikes on the flats even when I match it with my fast wheels - the NSW454. I would top zone 3 turns at 45-46kmh while the same on my Colnago Concept (an aeroroad) will be about 48kmh - same power same route same interval. Having said this, it is still a faster bike on the flats than my previous Storcks
4. Most importantly, this bike is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. I matched the front with Storck's own alloy stem and a zipp aerobar. Not just saying this frivolously, but on my 120km rides, I feel completely fresh and was still able to do my zone 3/4 efforts at the end. No butt pain, no shoulder aches etc. Couldn't do that with my other bikes - only trying to survive at the end :)
Current Bikes: S-Works Venge 7.3kg
Storck F.3 5.5kg
Colnago Concept Art Deco CHDK 7/6.5kg
Collection: Team Ti Raleigh 753 Vintage Campy
Ex: Storck F0.6 Di2 6kg, Storck F0.7IS Di2 4.8kg, Storck Aero2 7.04kg Storck Organic Light 11.1kg

by Weenie

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by corky

This concurs with my own testing of Storcks offerings......I found the F.3 a great longer distance machine, in the end i plumped for the Aernario Pro as it suited my shorter, faster, type of riding better.

Markus Storck designs his bikes to use 90-110cm length stems optimally.q

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by zappafile123

Awesome Discoverspeed! Thanks so much!
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