We took a tough decision, locked gallery threads.

Who are you (no off-topic talk please)

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by kgt


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by Stoo

I'll apologise for the name calling, however take this as a learning point.

If the people are talking, talk back.

A little communication would have gone a long long way to resolving peoples frustrations.

In future, should you wish to do something like this again, I'd suggest a general FYI thread to explain your plans and motives.

Thanks for re-opening the threads.
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by Weenie

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by Frankie - B

Point taken. Sometimes life gets in the way of things, especially with a three month old.
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by slowK

I don't post very often, but I'm glad that the complaints have been listened to and this has been resolved. Especially the "post your Ti Bike" thread - so many gorgeous bikes there.

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