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by oldturd

hey guys, lurker for some time.. and finally have something decent to show off.. maybe.

Currently not in the "i'm pretty satisfied" stage (well, to be frank likely never will be), and is a work in progress..

with my "training" set of wheels.

with my "go fast" set of wheels.. lol.

52 Mulholland, with Enve 2.0 fork
Chris King Inset8 head set
Thomson x2 110mm stem
3T Team Ergonova Stealth
Thomson Masterpiece set back
DKG Seat clamp
Selle Italia SLR Carbonio Nero Puro
SRAM Red 22 with medium RD (long story.) 11-28 on the Zondas, 11-25 on the Reynolds.
Kogel GXP BB
Xpresso 10 pedals
Carbonworks bottle cages (also have King cages Ti as I got impatient with delivery on the carbonworks.. hence the photo of bottles in the cages..)
Campy Zonda C17 with Vredestein latex inner tube + Vittoria Corsa G+ using J&L nonquick release Ti skewers
Reynolds Aero 58 with Veloflex Arenberg using Reynolds QR skewers

With the campy wheels, it's about mid 15lb bike? not the lightest. Havent tried with the Reynolds yet.

Work in progress as I havent settled on a final wheel choice (likely something shallower), nor stem nor seat post (the stem was free, and the seat post was just installed asap so that i could enjoy the bike). I do have a Kalloy Uno Stem on order though.. :mrgreen:

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by burglarboycie

Love these frames!! Great looking bike you've got there. How's the ride?

by Weenie

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by Sizzler

Very nice, I really like Frank's work, I had one of his frames a number of years ago and it was awesome. Good choice on the raw finish, looks great!

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by philhul83

Nice! I really like the look of these

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by IamnotWiggins

I had no idea that Spooky made road bikes!

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by oldturd

Thanks guys! I really dig the raw ano look myself which was why I sold my previous ride in favour of this ('16 Foil 10..).

Concerning the ride, it just feels good. I think it is because the geometry is better for my body than the Foil was? Not sure. Ride itself isnt too harsh and I can stay in the saddle all day, but I suppose that's a function of tire pressure and fit.. Cant find any fault with it though so far..

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by dwn2sk8

Love it! I own a Skeletor and find it to be an incredible bike, but have heard that the Mulholland is even better. I'd like to take one for a spin some time to compare.

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by MisterMuncher

Businesslike Aluminium is the way forward. Proper race bike.

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by CrankAddictsRich

I think you have great taste.

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by oldturd

thanks guys! i dont race but i can look the part.. ;)

CrankAddictsRich: I concur. You too, my friend, have excellent taste. It's a tried and true combo that just works every single time :)

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by shuttlenote

The bike looks great!

How do you find the wifli derailleur especially on the 11-25?

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by titaniumdan

Awesome bike - how does it ride? I've got a WIP spooky too, really fun to thrash about.
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by oldturd

titaniumdan wrote:Awesome bike - how does it ride? I've got a WIP spooky too, really fun to thrash about.

seen your spooky- love it!

no changes in my impression of the ride yet- its still comfortable for me for long rides and doesnt seem to disappoint for sprinting!

and a brief update- received my kalloy uno 110mm stem with TI bolts from fairwheel.



background also is a gold kmc x11sl chain .. :o

by Weenie

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