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by rheosibal

dude that's unreal. congratulations with the success and the recovery :beerchug:

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by burglarboycie

Wow! So sorry to hear about your illness. So glad you're sorted now. If ever there was something to aid recovery it's a build like this. Congrats on both getting well again and getting this beauty.

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by mrgray

shocking news bely however you seem to be on the other side of it which is great. also surely looking forward to finding substantial new capacity on the bike now that your heart has room to operate. :lol:

looking forward to the finished bike and your thoughts on where it sits with all of the others.
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by mrgray

also i incorrectly said the coffee machine was a gs3 before. that was stupid of me as it is of course a lever machine which throws that out. turns out it is in fact a rancilio lever (maybe a Z9).
Bobo S&S Steel Bike - 7.5 kg
Oltre XR2- 6.6 kg
Look 585 - 6.8 kg

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by MRM

Glad you're okay again! Really looking forward to your build as well. Think some form of dyed carbon that allows the structure to shine through would look amazing (like Trek's Red Smoke or Parlee's Candy Red etc.)

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by gravity

Good to hear on your positive recovery. Stories like these remind me that life is so fragile even though we do everything right. Enjoy your bike in good health!

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

So happy to read you've been given the opportunity to take the road to recovery. Sounds like you've got great docs helping you plus a bit of your own good luck. Like you wrote, don't look back. Just forward.

Loving the carbon weave, but I have to admit that I don't know the relevance / importance of the TT bike. Anyone indluge me?

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by kevosinn

Great to hear that you are recovering well! I know several people like yourself that led healthy lives and have had health really confuses me. Really makes you stop and appreciate your health. Your builds always turn out awesome and this will be no different. Great looking frame! Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by Zak

Good to hear you are recovering! I also enjoy follow your builds becoming reallity. Take care.

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by Berk

Bely wrote:Image

Thank you Jure!

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Festka should soon get it in their hands, looking for a matching paintjob!
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by Bely

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by burglarboycie

That's a nice touch! Excited to see more pics!!

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by Stolichnaya

Quick and full recovery Bely. I assume by now you are well on your way and this bike is inspiration for you (and us as well.)
That stubby is a KCNC? If yes, then the paint did a superb job of camouflaging the machining lines of the ISP topper very well.
The whole thing looks stellar.

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by CippoForLife

My man. I never ever ever post on WW anymore (sorry, no time) but congrats on this one.
It was a total pleasure working with you and I hope this baby gives you many happy days and a full recovery.

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by nismosr

Recover fast ! your frameset is on Festka FB page .. love the paint job .. did you came out with the Idea ?

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