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by lukeuk

I had a car accident last September and my chiro (who used to MTB race for Trek) said that I need to lay off the MTB and to road bike for my rehab. I swore I would never become a road weenie, but I just love the feeling of riding four hours and having nothing hurt except my butt. Plus, it's great to go riding out on some rolling hills, it's more peaceful than I thought. I'm a convert and never going back to MTB. Besides, I started MTB in Colorado and now that I live on the East Coast, all I deal with is mud, mud, mud. I have having to clean off my bike for a half-hour after every ride, it's not a damn horse.

Anyways, I'm a techie and it's great to see that others share my enthusiam for mechanical engineering.


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by Luc

Wunderbar !

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