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by leej88

It has been 7 years since my last road bike and I reckoned it was time for an upgrade. I've always been a bit of an outlier when it comes to picking a brand and there's just something magical about TIME that pulls at my heartstrings.

Honestly, it was really a toss up initially; between going full custom or sticking to an off the shelf frame. However, a very positive test ride and the amazing service i received from the new local distributor sort of sealed the deal. The Scylon was a pleasant improvement over my outgoing RXR Ulteam in terms of stiffness and handling; a bonus for a large rider like me. It felt planted and those fleeting moments of sketchiness during descents were now a thing of the past. More importantly, the new Scylon managed to keep most of that famed *TIME* ride quality despite the huge increase in stiffness. :thumbup:

Old habits die hard and a TIME wouldn't be complete without Campagnolo and Lightweight wheels so the new Scylon will follow in it's older brother's footsteps.



Frame: Time Scylon Edition Francais 2017
Fork: Time Aktiv
Headset: Time Quickset Headset
Stem: Time monolink 110mm
Handlebar: Time ergodrive 44cm
Seat post: Time Translink
Saddle: Berk Lupina (wide) changing to Selle Italia C59
Bottom Bracket: CeramicSpeed PF4630 Coated
Power Unit: Campagnolo DTI EPS V3 (PU16-EPS)
Interface: Campagnolo DTI EPS V3 (IF16-EPS)
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record EPS (RD12-SR1EPS)
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record EPS (FD15-SR2BEPS)
Cassette: Campagnolo Super Record (11-25)
Shifters: Campagnolo Super Record EPS ergopower (EP12-SR1CEPS)
Brakes: THM Carbones Fibula (2017 edition)
Brake Housing: Nokon Konvakex (Black)(Red)(Blue)(White)
Brake Liner: Jagwire Liner for Nokon
Brake Cable: Jagwire Elite Ultra Shift uncoated
Crankset: THM Carbones Clavicula SE compact (172.5mm)
Chainrings: Praxis Works BUZZ chainring (52/36)
Chaincatcher: Campagnolo Chain Catcher (FD-SR003)
Wheelset: Lightweight Meilenstein Schwarz 20/20 (CeramicSpeed Bearings)
Tyres: Continental Competition tubulars Lightweight Edition 25mm
Skewers: Lightweight Meilenstein Carbon/Titanium Skewers
Pedals: Time Xpresso 15 (CeramicSpeed Bearings)
Derailleur pulley: CeramicSpeed Titanium Pulley Wheels "Coated"
Bartape: Supacaz Kush
Frame Protection: BikeShield


Along with the bike, I also purchased a couple of new tools to replace my ageing tool box.

Some preliminary scale shots... (A couple of components were replaced subsequently)
(This list is outdated as I made some changes to it)

A little teaser:
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by Weenie

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by KCookie

Omg, these frames are stunning. Please post more pics. You say the Fibula brakes are the 2017 model, are these the ones not available yet. Have you them on order.???

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by kgt

Awesome! Waiting for the full photos

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by mrgray

next level meticulous leej88 and awesome how beefy that front fork looks. making me really think about it. i love the look of your old rxr. i think i am just on a white bike kick. amazing how difficult it is to note the francais details in the new one from some angles. like kgt says, looking forward to more pics.
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by Kayrehn

Setting the bar for ww build posts there, excited to see it completed.

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by nismosr

wow .. talk about detail, beautiful frame and that fork is massive .. can't wait to see the finish build.

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by kgt

Fork is massive but according to the reviews aktiv technology really works.

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by leej88

@Kcookie: Yes, I ordered the 2017 Fibulas last December. According to THM, they should start shipping by late April.

@KGT: Will do! :D

@mrgray: If you checked out TIME's webpage the latest Scylon has the TIME logo printed on the fork for the Aktiv models instead of the Aktiv fonts. I find the latest colour scheme to be a tad better than the old ones.

@kayrehn: Thank you for your kind words but I'm no where as close to some of the legends we have here.

@nismosr: Thank you! And yes, the fork is huge. It really does cancel quite a fair bit of road buzz. Takes the sharp edges off vibrations.

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by KCookie

Hey lee88, regarding the Fibula brakes, what company did you order them from,as I was going to upgrade my Fibulars to, have found Starbike to be the cheapest.
Is there two finishes. ? As I've seen pics of them in UD and the carbon weave as per the older style but look more black than dark grey. Also on Starbikes site the small wheel is black as well as red.

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by Wormiez

Wow meticulous build! Look forward to the final build :D

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by C36

Great great built! Indeed the new fork design look a lot better than the original one! I see you had the old monolink hm and now the more recent cmt version, a bit heavier, really curious to have your feedback on both. Somehow they were two of the only carbon stem I have been considering for my new built.

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by havana

Being a Time owner myself, I'm really looking forward to the end result.
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

7 years old or not, your RXR still looks outstanding. Are you keeping it?

Congrats on your new toy. It looks fantastic, too. Eager to read a ride comparison.

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by MikeyBE

Also looking forward to the ride comparison. That frame is gorgeous. The last pic actually really reminds me of the Alien from the Alien movies - all half machine half organic, shiny and black.

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by upside

Wow is all I have to say...speechless. You are all classy man.

by Weenie

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