Pinarello F10

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by Bely

Taking a short break from the Indie bands and decided to go mainstream since the experience with how the Factor rode was great!!

Pinarello F10 - 54cm
Clavicula SE
Thm brakes
Ambrosio Rims with chris king hubs
Pinarello MOST seatpost, stem & handlebar
Fizik saddle
LOOK pedals


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Tsubasa, Aero Road Bike

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by mariovalentim

beautiful bike but it deserves a more modern (deeper) wheelset

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by kgt


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by Nefarious86

No wonder the Stinner is being sold
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by beeatnik

Are Pinarello F10's made by bearded 25-year-old's in the Western United States?

Dig the wheelz.

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by fogman

Red Magma........Nice! Most of the readily available frames I have seen are the Black Lava. How long did you have to wait to get your preferred color/size combination? I am looking at an F10 also, but can not get a definitive time frame for delivery of my preferred color/size combination.

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by brahl

That wheel set (and bike) is $$$.
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by spartan

a aero bike with with wheels from the early 90's nice ..

the high gloss finish is amazing.
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by mannequinforce

This bike makes me happy. Please do not change the wheels. it looks perfect as it is.

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by jbaillie

Anyone who calls for someone to get a set of Ambrosio Nemesis hoops off their bike has gone mad.

Those golden tickets look gorgeous. Chapeau

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by bikemaniack

How much it weight?? Looks Light

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by dadoflam08

I can definitely give the frameset a miss but kudos to you on the wheelset
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by burglarboycie

Nope it's not for me I'm afraid. Much prefer the rest of your stable to this.

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by fogman

I notice that you have the zero setback seatpost instead of the stock (red) 25mm setback seatpost. Were you able to substitute the seatpost at no additional charge?

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by dudemanppl

I've been jacking off for the past 5 hours to this. I'm in love.

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