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by AppliedInnovations

Hey everyone,
I wanted to share with you guys a project I'm working on that promises to be one of the lightest weight cycling computer mounts available.
I've created a lightweight computer mount made from 3D printed carbon reinforced composite material that weighs less than 30 grams making it one one of lightest yet strongest mounts on the market, and even have an adapter in the works for Lezyne computers which most of the major mount companies overlook. I've started a Kickstarter campaign shown below, and was hoping you could check it out. If you have any questions or are kind enough to pass along I'd be overjoyed. ... uter-mount

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by beanbiken

Sorry, but as much as I dislike the standard Garmin mount [which don't use] I prefer it over your potential offering. Weight penalty or not
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by Kayrehn

Tough to beat raceware ones... Most people prefer to have their garmin units out in front of their stem too. Image

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by nvroadie

Sram mount is available for $12 and is 20g. You need to go out front and lower the price and weight.

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by NiFTY

Fliploc made an outfront mount at 13g. 30g is not very light for one of these and the design is not novel - it looks like a barfly, which started the outfront mount trend over 5 years ago.
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by KCookie

Obviously didn't do to much research before thinking 30g is one on the lightest, as pointed out before the sram mount is 20g which I have to.
Good luck with your venture though. :)

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by garjo

Raceware is another brand making some of lightest garmin mounts out there: mine, for 520, is 14 gr and lets to have the screen of the garmin device in line with top of stem, definitely the best aero position for a mount.
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by AppliedInnovations

Thanks for the feedback. The prototype is at 25 grams now, and also fits 35mm bars, hence some of the added weight. Also I never felt comfortable with the plastic mounts, hence the carbon fiber option. I should be able to get to 18 grams with a 31.8 computer specific mount. I'll get to work on that and let you guys know. Thanks again.

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