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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Been a while since I've started a thread, let alone an intro. However, thought the latest sled to be added (along with my new team) might be of interest to a few.

The team is called the Men of Steel - with the primary partners Black Sheep Cycling (clothing) and Stinner frameworks. Last year it was just an Aussie squad, however this year there will also be a Californian chapter. I wasn't on the squad last year, but was good mates with the manager and one of the riders. And additionally am very much in support of the 'Man Ride', which was a ride they did last in aid of helping raise awareness of men's mental health. A cause that is close to my heart. So when they asked me to come on board for 2017 I was straight on board.

The team bikes are the Stinner steel Gibraltar, with the custom designed Men of Steel motif on the top tube and rear stays. Rest of the fit out is SRAM (eTap and Zipp) with Chris King BB and headset. Geometry is custom. But with that said not too crazy for me. I based it off my custom Baum Corretto, but with just a little more drop and sped up the front end handling just a touch. Had one 5 hour hills ride on it and it feels exactly how I expect a steel bike to feel. Will need a little while longer to see how it compares to the Pink Panther (pic below, with me in season 1 Men of Steel kit) but first impression are the same smooth ride you expect from steel. And maybe a tad less stiff (which given the comparative tubing sizes would make sense). We'll see though how that plays out.

Build list:

- Stinner Gibraltar, full Columbus tubing and Columbus carbon fork

- SRAM eTap

- Zipp 404 NSW

- Specialized turbo cotton tyres

- King cages

- Prologo Scratch Nack saddle

- Power2Max power meter

I'll get a weight soon. But is lighter than my Baum.

Oh and here is our Men of Steel kit for season 2


The rig







Season 1 Men of Steel & the Pink Panther


by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

So much want...
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by Fixie82

I'm digging the blue Chris King with the frame colours. Nice contrast. With this and Kwalkers Hyperspace Stinner, the steel envy is strong.

How's the build quality compare to Baum? Would you mind sharing the bikes measurements? I'd be keen to see what your choices are considering this is full custom.

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by bencolem

I want to be you!

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by Wingnut

I saw this on Instagram...very nice!

I'd personally love a Stinner...
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by tbrix

I saw a couple of your team in full kit (maybe you were one of them?) at a cafe in Docklands a couple of weeks ago. I kept stealing glances at their beautiful bikes while I drank my coffee. So lovely. Congratulations, bike and new kit look great.

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by Kumppa

I wouldn't change anything on it. Perfect.

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by glam2deaf

Awesome bike and cause mate.

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by wheelbuilder

Great paint scheme, and a great cause to bring awareness to. Wish I was fast enough to get on board!

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by burglarboycie

Absolutely stunning!! Steel will definitely be the material of choice for my next frame.

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by minley1

Stunning looking bike, & a great cause

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by exctasy

looking great! :D

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by KCookie

The bikes and colours are just awesome. Great 8 minutes of video to.

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by ico

I'm jealous.

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by Juanmoretime

Excellent Nick! Crank arm not lined up with the seat tube? Rookie mistake. :smartass:

by Weenie

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