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by Alfonso

I present my new project.
My challenge is to reach 3 kg with materials and components known by many of you, to say that it is not a bike that I usually use, nothing more than for a ride since I have other bikes with components that do not suffer so much wear and tear on many of these Components and are safer for everyday use.
I hope you like it and I'll give you tips to keep lightening up, criticism and suggestions.
A greeting to all.

by Weenie

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by Alfonso

To say that according to this in the photos, it is in a weight of 3,200 gr.
FM066 SL Ultralight_opt.jpg

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by stevec1975

great first post! More info on build list, what you did to get it this weight etc would be useful

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by Fiery

Lighter than Donald's bike without resorting to downtube shifters? That's quite something... More details would definitely be appreciated.

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by Stolichnaya

Yoikes! Nice one.

Yes, a complete build list down to the bolts might assist us to provide better feedback.
We can only speculate with some of those photos, for example:
Are those standard hood covers? Or could you remove that weight and go with a lighter cover/wrap for the ergos?
First pic shows some apparent slack in the chain, could you remove a full link?

Looks great though. Finding another 200 grams will be a feat.

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by FilmAt11

Impressive. 3.2kg on an FM-066SL. A build list with weights please.

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by craciunptr

Mic dropped.....

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by Fuchspk

Nice :)
Would like to see a build list as well.
Which fork is that?

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by BmanX

Very interested as well. I am looking at getting an open mold frame for a sub 5kg build and any ideas always help.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by nvroadie

Drillum the shifters.

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by Alfonso

I attach the list of components of my bike.

- Frame: FM066 SL size 54: 640 gr
- Fork: FM066 SL 1 1 / 8- 1 1/2: 223 gr
- Hedset: 28 gr
- bartape: Tesa 10 gr.
- Stem: Ax lightness Zeus 110mm: 63 gr
- Seatpost- sattel: combo Berk 98 gr
- Seatpostclamb: Carbonice 4 gr.
- Shifter brakelever: Sram red with hoods BTP and clamps carbon: 245 gr
- Brakes: Ax lightness AX 3000, schmolke carbon adjusting screws and power cordz mattias screw aluminum aluminum 105 gr.
- Pedals: Aerolite titanium 52 gr.
- Cranks: THM clavicle SE 172.5 compact 285 gr.
- Chainrings: Fybre Lyte 50-34 60 gr.
- Chainring bolts: Extralite 8 gr.
- Chain: Yaban Titanium 205 gr.
- Cassette: Mattias Hellore 11-23 78 gr.
- Rear derailleur: Sram red 105 gr.
- Front derailleur: Tiso with carbon plates Fybre Lite 38 gr.
- Handlebar: Ax lightness Ax 4000 compct 42 E / E 155 gr.
- Bottlecage: Work Carbon 6 gr.
- Tires: Tufo Elite Jet 110 gr 215 gr
- Wheels: Rims carbon 20mm (not marked), springs Pillar x Tralite ti, nipless Sapim aluminum, front Hub M5, rear Hub Extralite with ceramic bearings 542 gr
- Wire: Power cord 35gr

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by Fuchspk

Interesting parts on that list. The wheelset sounds nice.

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by burglarboycie

The bike looks great, and obviously that weight is very impressive!! What plans have you got to save a few grams next?

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by Kayrehn

The weight of the frame and fork is pretty incredible. A check on HF website says the frame weight range is 780-920g; did they make it lighter previously?

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

Has Tufo tires improved? While light they were always the worst at rolling resistance and road noise.

Excellent job on the build!

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