Colnago C40 'barn' find

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by Olivv

Waouw! So nice, I will follow your thread.

Late 90' I own a C40 too, your post remind me a lot of good times...

by Weenie

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by glepore


I really wish there was a compact option that looked good on these older Colnagos. I'd ride my Technos a lot more if it had a 50/34-39 just doesn't do it for me anymore.
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by tids0009

Final instalment, it's now complete. Will get some better close up shots later but here it is. Sorry about the bar tape not being black. The old guy I got the bike off said he had blue when he first got it and would love to see it like that again, so here it is.

And finally, the legend himself, the old guy that bought the bike brand new in January 1999, thrilled with end result and it going to a good home. He said it looked better than when it was new and he couldn't believe the condition of it!

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by flying

Nice find & excellent job on the restore. :thumbup:
I have owned most of those parts at one time or another.
The various wheelsets really bring back memories too :D

The guy you bought from looks in pretty good form too :wink:

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by LorneMalvo

Excellent job! Such a classy looking bike and cool that we finally get to know the old guy.

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by Calnago

Great conclusion to a great build.
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by JKolmo

Thanks for sharing this! You have a wonderful bike (along with all the other wonderful bikes of yours. A dream stable)! And this "old" guy, he has the body of a fit teenager. Seems that riding Colnagos keeps you young

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by boysa

Haha... I'd certainly be careful of how you use the term "old!" He looks fit as a fiddle!

Thanks for taking us along on this journey with you. Truly fantastic.
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by stormp

This is truely beautiful

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

Best thread in ages! love it 8)

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by Vagabond

That looks better with the blue tape! Keep it. The whole matching the saddle and tape is Velominati nonsense. The greatest most stylish cyclists ever, in my opinion, didn't have matching saddles and tape. Thanks for sharing this story.
Colnago e Campagnolo

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by Willem

Nice bike!!!
I have the year 2000 version with art decor colors, still ride it often. One of the most comfortable frames I have ridden, soaks up rough pavement pretty good.

by Weenie

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by Hamilton

That is perfection.

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