Cannondale supersix 5.748 Kg for now..

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by craciunptr

I have been looking at all these amazing Projects built by the people on the forum especially Ryan, Godzuki and Fuchs and I have started to get an itch to build something as well.

So I have this damaged frame I got off ebay for 60 pounds which I fixed in the area shown in the pic.
I was thinking about respraying and building up as a road bike.

Here it is

I'm planning to remove the paint, and turn it into a stealth fixed gear. Potentially when I get my hands on a SRAM eTAP group off ebay I'll convert to a road bike. The reason I'm not tempted to build it as a roadie is that I live in London and I don't ride out enough.

I am thinking of using some of the tools I have at my disposal to really shave some weight of this frame and sanding through the carbon layers. especially in the areas that see least stress.

the weight of the frame set with BB, Exogram cranks, KCNC stem DEDA handlebars and seat collar is 2394

Latest update - finally reached my goad of having an "undersix" supersix :)



Even trimmed the seatpost bolts ;)


New updates 5.748 Kg now went with Kinlin clincher 1.2 kg wheelser and saved loads of weight.
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by Weenie

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by godzuki26

Can you repost the frame? We can't see it. Thanks :thumbup:
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by craciunptr

Working now ?

I just switched to imgur ! this way photos wont disappear in a couple of months time as it did with other hosting options :)

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by BmanX

I want to see this

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by Jowwy

How was the repair done???

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by craciunptr

@Jowwy The downtube had a split and I just sanded down the paint and wrapped it in a mix of 2/2 twill and UD for strength and torsional stiffness. Loads of stuff on youtube about it :)

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by Marin

Please! don't make it into a stealth fixed gear.


Make a nice road bike with some special twist out of it.

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by craciunptr

So I decided to build it up as a Road bike in the end, Been chipping away at this for a while now and I finally built it up. Still some more work to do.

Current weight is 6.4kg

Here is the build list of target weight :



I got the force group for 142 £ off ebay and the red cranks for 99£. Cosmic wheelset I got for free on a deal.

Still to do tune Ciamillo brakes switch to Red shifters and mechs, and tune them.
Cost is for the parts I had to buy. The wheelset and other parts I already had so they were "zero cost".
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by 4ibanez

Good work stripping the frame. This definitely deserves Red!

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by dereksmalls

What happened to the Hutchinson tires? Did you weigh them and ride them?

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by craciunptr

They weigh 159g very thin with minimal puncture protection. I use them as front tyres on my commute bikes as I have worn through a Victoria diamante when my chain fell and blocked the rear wheel rendering the tyre useless. I'm going to run one on the front when I run out of places to take weight out. My plan is to get it to 5.9 kg for under 1k total cost. I'm looking at some low profile carbon tubular wheelsets, any recommendations?

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by reedplayer

located in germany, 921 gr, 499.- eu, riders maximum weight 70 kg, 10s!
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by evan326

Turned out very nice :thumbup:

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by craciunptr

Thanks Evan :) Still quite a bit to do. I had a good ride this Sunday a day found it very comfortable to ride, the speed save stays work really well. as I was descending this tree tunel through Dorking the surface was really bad but the frame just soaked up all the buzz. I needed to tweak my reach as it is too long so I just ordered a bar and stem combo from eBay. That should save me about 65g. I will also switch to black bartape as the red is a bit too much.

by Weenie

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by DWatkinsBSB

Did you scrape away just using a pair of scissors? If so, chapeau for the cray cojones.

Do you know how much weight you lost frame and fork with scraping and adding a clear coat?



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