So, how did i end up getting this? Bianka- she's out of my league....

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

I've had this since the back end of the summer, but only just got around to posting it here, although it has appeared briefly in the "on the road", and "show us your Bianchi" threads...

After being disappointed with the fit on the Scott CR1 I rode in 2015, even though their size guide plonked me fair and square in the size I had, it had to go for something that was longer and lower.
Most of the parts were going to get carried across, where possible.
There were a few frames I fancied, but most were out of my price range, or like the aeroroad, practically unavailable.
Pina's are ubiquitous around here as the importer is only 15 miles away, and most people know him. I couldn't afford an f8 for example, but didn't want a wannabe either. Having had a top tier bike (Paris at the time), its hard accepting a lower grade bike. Their geometry suits me fine though.

I've always had a bit more than a passing interest in getting something built in Ti, and after countless hours looking through the Ti bike threads (RyanH's esp), and asking a few questions to people who ride them, I thought this was the way to go.
A friend of a friend has his own shop, and specialises in building with Ti, so I went and badgered him a bit last winter about what he could do (or wouldn't), and I came away fairly convinced I was going down that route. I even came up with a load of paint schemes for it.
But something was nagging at me a little, and I think it was another geo problem. It wasn't quite what I wanted, so held off.

While this was going on, my LBS emailed saying they were having a Bianchi demo day if I wanted to come down.
Thinking I was going to go Ti still, I turned it down, but then a couple of weeks later, they emailed again, so I said sure if there's places.

So demo day comes, and I get to ride a few different Bianchi's, both oltre's and an infinito I think.
They immediately felt "right" with minimal set up, and that was it.
There was no way I could justify the top line on an XR2 frameset, so ordered and paid for an XR1 in limited edition orange, like this.

ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr

I'll rip the ultegra and finishing kit off it and sell it on....

Then the hard part came.
After 5 weeks of asking, I finally got a delivery date of another 7 weeks (so 12 in total), which would have been early May. I could live with that; the roads are only really clearing of salt in April, so whats a few weeks more on the winter bike??

11 weeks in and I get an email- sorry mate you wont believe this but they cant supply your bike. Along with 4 others sold on the basis of this demo day. You can either have a stock colour at discount, or upgrade to the XR2 for £xxx amount

I was expecting either some naff colour scheme they couldn't get shut of (eg grey :? ) or something old stock, but I asked about the celeste (looks better than a celeste xr1), and was told yeah, but you'll have to wait another 5 weeks while it gets painted/ shipped around etc.
5 weeks turned into 9, but it was the least of my worries at that point; pneumonia had put paid to any riding anything :cry:

Eventually got the call saying it had arrived, so bobbed down with all my kit, and let them build her up inc any hassle getting my p2m to fit :wink:
Thankfully it all went well, and the 3D24 and S-type P2m cleared the 386evo BB.
It built up a beauty, and rides even better - point and shoot stiff, but not harsh, and with impeccable handling :thumbup: . I'm not sure what the countervail of the XR4 is going to gain over it....
Build List:
Oltre XR2 53cm
Lightweight Std 16/20 c/w Schwalbe Ultremo branded Veloflex tubs.
Aeronova stealth bars 40cm.
ARX team stem 120mm.
Super Record (Ergo's, mechs and brakes) 2014/5.
Chorus 11-27 cassette.
Rotor 3D24 172.5mm c/w Praxis 39/53 chainrings.
Standard 386evo bearings with fsa 24mm reducers.
S-type Power2max.
KMC X11 chain.
Alligator cables.
Flyxii carbon saddle.
Speedplay stainless pedals.
Procraft mech hanger.
Carbonice chainwatcher.
Bontrager XXX bottle cage.
Garmin 820 mount.
Deda cork tape.

Weight as is, 14lb 6oz

Apologies for the missing bartape- the RH ergo has got to come off for a warranty repair.
Enough blurb, here's the pix.

ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr

ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr
ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr
ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr
ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr
On her holidays:
ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr

She's an absolute joy to ride, and tbh i'm happy I didn't go the Ti route (at least for now) :wink:
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by PinaRene

Damn - thats a beauty ... Love it with the Lightweight wheels :twisted:

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

Well done and done proper. A Bianchi should always proudly have Campagnolo on it.

Resident Pro
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by mike

what happened to the lw logos on the rear? to be consistent, either get them repainted or remove the front lw decals. great bike!

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by jrobart

Jekyll, as a committed "ti guy," I was ready to welcome you to the club as I read through your post, but seeing the end product, all I can say is damn, that's a sweet ride. I've always had a thing for Bianchi (eventhough I've never owned one) and Bianka reminds me why I've always had that secret crush!

Well done.
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man


Thanks guys, i'm really happy with hows she's turned out. Looking forward to spending more bonding time with her :lol:

@mike - the wheels have been like that since I bought them secondhand in 2005 or 2006. Previous owner did it and it looks like he's used a brillo pad to remove them; there's little scratches all over. I've never had the courage to finish it off. TBH I think the logos are the naffest thing out.

@jrobart- there might still be room for Ti in the reasonably near future :wink:
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by calvin

Looks fantastic with Lightweight wheels :thumbup:

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by GJMadone069

As I started reading, I was looking forward to see a tita bike :lol:

But the bianchi looks super :thumbup:

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by ManekiNico

How’s your chainline/shifting? I was under the impression that the Rotor’s chainline was wider – though not by much – than the Campagnolo?

If I had known I could buy a less expensive p2m, I might have considered it. Oh, who am I kidding, I would have bought the Campagnolo Type-S anyway.
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by Weenie

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by ak47

Sweet, sweet bike. Bianchi with Lightweights always remind me of Jan Ullrich.

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