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by Mep

Not a problem. That'd be super, thanks!
FIJIGabe wrote:Not off the top of my head. I can try to weigh the Emonda 7x9 clamp, this week, and compare it to the Madone 7x7 clamp, to give you a rough estimate. I've got a race tonight, so it will have to wait until tomorrow, at earliest.

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by FIJIGabe

Mep wrote:FIJIGabe do you know how heavy is the 7x10 clamp vs the Emonda 7x9 one?
As you requested... 4g difference from the 7mm round to the Emonda 7x9. Sorry, but I can’t remove the 7x10, as it’s in use.

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by Mep

This is perfect, thanks! Couldn't decide whether to source the Emonda one seeing as you were able to get it working, but doesn't seem like a huge weight penalty. I'll probably just go with the 7x10 Madone one and hope it works with Berk oval rails.

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