2016 SuperSix Hi-Mod Evo - 6.56kg, let the gram-shedding begin

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by octave

hi everyone,

so i am fairly new to the weight weenie business, as i managed to score a close-out on a 2016 SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod ultegra at a screamin good price... i swapped out the ultegra and the hollowgram crank for full SRAM red, traded the mavics for a CERO AR22 wheelset, swapped the stock bar and stem for an Easton EC90 SLX3 bar and Ritchey WCS C260 stem, and am now ready to started doing some much more weight-weenie esque upgrading.

here are some numbers:

STOCK 2016 SSEHM Ultegra

fizik arione saddle 228
save seatpost 198
shim ult chain 246
shim ult 6800 fd 87
shim ult 6800 rd 200
shim ult 6800 rb 169
shim ult 6800 fb 173
shim ult 6800 r sti 211
shin ult 6800 l sti 209
shim ult 6800 11-28 cassette 246
right cables 30
left cables 20
bartape 66
end caps 6
cannondale c1 alloy bar (45.5 o to o) 245
cannondale c1 alloy stemm (100mm) 116
mavic ksyrium fw w 25mm yksion and tube 1098
mavic ksyrium rw w 25mm yksion and tube 1229
skewers 124
dork disk 21
fork 283
spacers top cap 37
hollowgram si crankset 52/36 172.5 8-arm spidering 623


Custom SSEHM Project (weight difference in parentheses)

CERO AR22 rw 806 (-100 wheel w tire tube)
CERO AR22 fw 666 (-109 wheel w tire tube)
no dork disk (-21)
conti race 28 tube 102 (see wheels)
conti race 28 tube 103 (see wheels)
conti gp 4000s ii (25mm) 221 (see wheels)
conti go 4000s ii (25mm) 220 (see wheels)
CERO skewers 92 (-32)
SRAM XG1190 11-25 cassette 157 (-89)
Ritchey WCS C260 110mm stem 116 (0)
Easton EC90 SLX3 40cm c to c 190 (-55)
specialized power saddle expert 143mm 231 (+9)
FSA SL-K seatpost 221 (+23)
zipp service course SL bartape and end caps 66 (-6)
sram red rb 129 (-40)
sram red fb 132 (-41)
sram red 22 r shifter w gear cable 168 (-43)
sram red 22 l shifter w gear cable 165 (-44)
sram red brake cables 38 (-12)
sram red brake cable housing 118 (0)
sram red 22 rd 148 (-52)
sram red 22 yaw fd w chain catcher (-12)
sram chain keeper 8 (+8)
sram red gear cable housing 70 (0)
campagnolo record chain 229 (-17)
sram red bb30 52/36 172.5 crank 538 (-85)
fork 283 (0)
Spacers top cap from scott addict 30 (-7)
Time Xpresso 8 pedals (+213)
King Titanium cages (+55)
Garmin 520 head unit (+65)
Garmin stem mount (+7)

Preliminary Weight Redistribution: -385g
Preliminary weight: 6.56 kg

-i am using the FSA SL-K until i get the Hylix zero setback, which i will then cut to length
-i am using the specialized power expert saddle until i can find something lighter that works for my sensitive undercarriage, or can afford a specialized power s-works
-i did not weigh the frame because i figured it wouldn't matter as i couldn't be bothered to pop out the bearings, remove the derailleur hanger, cable guides, etc... that being said, frame, fork, all spacers, small parts, cable guides, etc weighed 1280ish grams.
-i could not be bother to get accurate weights on cables and housing, so i zeroed out the housing and gave weights on the full lengths of sram cables compared to the ultegra cables cut to length (i.e. probably a bit more saving on the cable lengths than noted)

imminent weight-shavings:

-Carbon Ti X-Lock Titanium Skewers w Aluminum Axle (31g listed weight; planned weight savings, 61g)
-Hylix 25.4 seatpost, 0 setback (131g listed weight, 7-8cm cut off, for 105g total; planned weight savings, 117g)
-Elite Leggero Bottle Cages (15g each listed weight, 30g; planned weight savings 25g)
-Selle San Marco Open Carbon FX Wide (hopefully it works)(125g listed weight; planned weight savings 106g)
-Challenge Corsa Latex Tubes (65g listed weight, 130g; planned weight savings 75g)

imminent weight shavings = 384g
imminent bike weight = 6.18kg

possible weight-shavings:

trim fork 20mm (-15g ?)
less 20mm spacers (-6g)
Time Expresso 12 (manufacturer's claim 155g, more likely 165g; total -48)

other ideas, without going too crazy (my budget is unfortunately not unlimited, and also i still want the bike to be super functional and dependable!) ??



edit: trying to figure out photo upload... and i got it. sorry the photos suck. lighting in my basement is not so nice.
edit 2: bad at math, got that adjusted. forgot the easton handlebar in the custom build, got that added, weight adjusted.
ssehm build 1.JPG
ssehm build 2.JPG
ssehm build 3.JPG
ssehm build 4.JPG

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by arizonahalfnhalf

Congrats on the new bike! I love that colorway. 6.6kg is a damn good starting point if you're looking to do some tweaking and gram shaving. Enjoy it!

by Weenie

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by terrible1

Very nice.

Will sir be selling off the 2x King Ti cages? If so, feel free to PM me.


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by octave

@arizonahalfnhalf -- thank you! i love the colorway, too. as soon as i saw it i knew i needed to track one down. i got lucky finding it at as good of a deal as i did! and as for the 6.56kg "starting point", i am already seeing how tough the weight savings can be, as i am running out of things i can accomplish on my budget. but, it will be cool to get the new skewers, hylix post and a lighter saddle-- those will knock a ton off right there!

@terrible1 -- as of right now i plan on keeping the King Ti cages; they are just too nice! and who knows- the carbon elite one i got might suck!

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