Parlee Z5SLI - beater - 9150/LWs

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by tonytourist

I decided I wanted to get a new frame for 2017 and when I was looking on eBay for Altums, I came across this Parlee Z5 SLI. Having been a fan of my previous Z5 SLI, I decided to throw in a low bid. To my surprise, I ended up winning it :mrgreen:
I'll post a build list shortly, but highlights include:
EE brakes
Schmolke TLO clinchers
MCFK offset post
Berk Lupina saddle
Hollowgram SI with Spidering (soon to be changed to SISL2, arms are here, just need to get the tool)
Bad photo of the current state, removed logos on the wheels, swapped to Continental GP4KII 23s:
It still has a few grams that will get removed soon, I am swapping the bar/stem shortly...
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by LouisN

Great, great lines. Love it :beerchug: !!
Is that a standard Med. frame ?

Louis :)

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by gravity

Super. Even super backdrop.

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by physeter

Super clean build, I love it

What tires are they? Any problems with rear clearance?

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by motorapido

Impressive clean build, and good backdrop. congrats

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by burglarboycie

Awesome build. Nice simple lines look great.

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by kgt

Very nice. Do the decals come off the wheels?

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by NiFTY

Nice build. I would remove the stickers from the seatpost. And how are the labels attached to the rims - because they would look better bare if easily removed.
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by audiophilitis

Awesome build -- great selection of parts!

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by mythical

Interesting build. No doubt it packs a lot of performance and it looks really good too.
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by tonytourist

Thanks everyone, let me answer some questions.
@LouisN, it is a standard medium frame.
@physeter they are Vittoria Corsa G+ 25. No clearance problems but I wouldn't want to run anything bigger in the rear.
@nifty the MCFK sticker will fall off by itself sooner or later if my other products I've had are any indication. I didn't want to make a change like that until I was certain that the post worked with my setup.
Regarding the wheel decals/stickers, they can be removed but I would rather not take acetone to them for now. Schmolke has the TLOs in a black label version but unfortunately Fairwheel wasn't getting any in stock soon and I didn't want to wait until then because I wouldn't have any wheels to ride.
I have my build list with weights on my other computer and I'll try to get that uploaded soon, plus a few other items I am thinking about changing.
Thanks for the compliments!

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by robobiking

Very nice bike, love the Schmolke wheels :thumbup:
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by arizonahalfnhalf

Really nice! Perfect proportion and lines throughout. That saddle is particularly beautiful!

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by Denavelo

Nice build!
I've been looking for another Parlee myself.
4 guys in my riding circle have Parlee bikes, and a couple being z5SLi. haha
I love that MCFK seatpost, and I want the matching stem.
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by spdntrxi

Nice build .. I can run 25 with tubular.. but with clinchers it's a little tight especially with conti

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