Parlee Z3 - Rebuild... Full build pics at bottom of page 1.

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by dj97223

Struggling to find something wrong with that build. Oh, wait, valve caps!
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by icenutter

Lig wrote:Thanks chaps I am glad you like it and 9734344 you are close its Yorkshire stone!!

Haha. As soon as I saw the wall I was thinking 'bet he's in Yorkshire'? Let me guess - Brighouse and Halifax way?

by Weenie

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by Delorre

Looks gorgeous!! Still ready for a few more years a use! Enjoy! The only thing I would have done different, is gloss clear the stem and seatpost, to match the gloss UD of the main frame tubes. And maybe a little shallower wheels.

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by Lig

Cheers chaps,

@ dj97223 - :lol: I always think no valve caps looks unfinished....
@ icenutter - close but the other side of Leeds.....
@ Delorre - I know what you mean about the post and stem, but they match the finish of the rims and in the 'flesh/carbon' it does kind of make the frame 'pop' a little more as its so glossy...... Wheels are there for a purpose, as I wanted to try out some deep rims to see if they are flaster on the flats...


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