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by 9734344

Long time listener, first time caller (ha ha Gross Point Blank).
I bought the bike as pictured below without the wheels about a year ago off ebay. I got knocked off commuting to work and didn't want to feel scared about cycling so I got a bank loan and bought the best bike I could. I got some Zipp 202 Tubular wheels to go with it as I liked the look of the profile.
The first time I rode this thing I nearly fell off. I‘m really into touring bikes and had always wanted a lightweight carbon touring bike but they just aren’t made. After I got knocked off I thought sod it I’ll get a road bike. The bike came with an M2 Racer seatpost which had split where the bolt clamps so I’ve replaced that with a Schmolke TLO. I’ve replaced a few bolts with Ti, changed the cables, bought a compact Ti chainset, 12-29 cassette and added some lightweight bottle cages.
55cm TT Storck Fascenario 0.7 G1 Frameset

Headset 53g
Extralite 120mm stem 93g
Spacers 8g
Stem cap and expander bolt 7g
Rear derailleur hanger 11g
Zipp ZSL handlebar 174g
Rear derailleur 156g
Downtube barrel adjusters 4g
2011 Super Record ergopower levers 341g
Storck seat clamp 12g
2013 172.5mm Super Record titanium compact 573g
2011 175mm Super Record chainset 657g
Fybre-Lyte chain catcher 5g
Front derailleur hanger 17g
Front derailleur 71g
Bottom bracket cable guide 4g
Ciamillo brakes Negative G 230g
12-25 chain 231g
12-25 cassette 199g
Vitorria CX 23mm tubular tyres 255g each
Zipp rear skewer 40g
Zipp front skewer 36g
Zipp 202 rear wheel 654g
Zipp 202front wheel 522g
Fizik Arione K1 seat 152g
M2 Racer seat post 105g / Schmolke TLO 99g
Crankbrother Eggbeater Ti 11 pedals 183g

Total weight with compact 5.85kg


I moved house not long after I bought the bike and picked up the hire van on the Storck. I tied up the bike in the back and bought a couple of sofa Beds from a local shop so I went to pick those up first. I loaded the sofas and closed the shutter to see everything fit. I tried to open it again but it wouldn’t. Instead of driving round the corner to my house I was forced to drive 10 miles back to the hire firm. I had only hired the van for a day and when I got back home I found to my dismay the sofas had slid into the bike and had broken both seatstays. I initially thought my £4000 investment was ruined. I’m sorry I don’t have any photos it was too traumatic. I came round to thinking maybe the bike could be fixed and after about 6 months sent the bike to be repaired.

I was back out on the road again but on the first ride the derailleur got caught in the spokes and ripped it clean apart. I started walking home when a nice guy helped me get back on the road with the help of a Zip tie.
The derailleur caught the seatstays AGAIN,AGHHH NO, but I don’t think any serious damage was done.
I got a new derailleur and am back on the road and so far I’ve had no serious incidents. The derailleur was my own fault really. I had put those reflective spokeys on the wheel to balance it and you can see in the photo above it had caught them. I now only have them on the outside of the rear wheel because I do think a balanced wheel makes a real difference. I realise SPD’s aren’t for everyone but I really like being to walk on what I ride in and that’s what I had already invested in before road bikes came along.

Some of my other bikes
A 1937 Hetchins Anglo Continental I picked up at a charity shop for £20.
A Cannondale H500 I use as a daily commuter that I bought as a used frame off ebay. Campagnolo Mirage triple and 11sp Athena.
A 1990’s Nigel Dean I found in a metal skip with a washing machine on top of it and had resprayed.
I live in Nelson in Lancashire in the UK just round the corner from where Carradice saddlebags and Panniers are made. Pendle Hill out of the window today.
Old habits die hard ha ha!
Thanks for listening
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Awesome collection of bikes, the Hetchins for £20. How did you not have a heart attack when you found it!?

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by 9734344

I didn't know anything about Hetchins when I bought it. I knew it had a Brooks saddle and a Super Record front hub so I quietly paid the £20 ha. I spoke to the guy on the Hetchins Register about it and he told me it was first sold on 31 January 1938 locally in Blackburn , price 14 pounds 10 shillings 0 pence. He said I could probably get around £500 - £650 for it but I use it as a shopper and burning round town. Maybe prices round here don't change very much. Good one.
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by reedplayer

great collection. love the storck (especially w/202, take care of it!;-) ), nice commuter (cars are out!!).

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by jkzy

Glad to hear you're back riding (and the bike's ok) after a whole list of misfortunate events!
That 1990’s Nigel Dean deserves a thread of its own

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by tarmackev

Really good post and some cool bikes.

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by Jamesh

Glad I missed running tour of Pendle last Saturday!
Weather would have made it horrific!!!
That Cannondale looks fantastic. Im going to look out for an older Cannondale frame as a winter bike.
Glad the storck was fixed.

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by 9734344

Yeah, thanks for the replies. I use the Cannondale everyday to commute. I've slimmed it down to the minimum at the moment and it's hanging at about 11.8kg / 26lb in the picture. Double the Storck but without any of the worries.
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by bencolem

I'm not surprised you nearly fell off jumping from that Cannondale to the Storck, every time I jump from my 19lbs trainer to my 14lbs climber it feels amazing and that's nothing compared to your difference in rides! Still, as someone once said, it doesn't get easier, you just get faster...

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by JDEves

Great collection. Loving the Hetchins

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