Cervelo R3, stripped, drilled, Di2 UK Hill Climb bike 5.4kg

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by Rudi

Hi all

Finally getting round to posting this. I am going all in with the finished bike rather than step by step as although the mods might be minor compared to some on this forum, they are still the first time I have tried them. I wanted to make sure the bike didn't disintegrate or explode before exposing it here.

The frame is I believe from around 2012 - mainly white with blue, sourced from ebay. Size 48, BBright and came with SRAM PF30bb and a headset included. Weight stripped of everything apart from the rear mech hanger (didn't seem to want to come off) was 900g exactly.

Fork I think had been cut down slightly and had the Cervelo aluminium insert already glued. Weight for this was 384g.

I then removed the paint. I tried a water soluble paint stripper - not carbolift, but it was slow so I eventually took to the sanding method.

I then clear coated back up with some minimal decals. The biggest weight saving came from cutting the tube down to size having bashed the starnut down far enough. Final weight of the fork was 351g

The frame was 811g at its lightest. I only have a pic with some of the paint left around the awkward areas. I went 400, 600 and finished with 1200 grit paper. The 1200 grit finish looked a little rough to the eye but I don't think you see it with the clearcoat on.

I had drilled off the 3 cable stops for the gears as this was getting Di2. 8g for those, already included in the weight loss above.

I drilled a hole in the down tube for the Di2 wire using brand new drill bits working up from 2mm to 6mm. I also enlarged a hole under the BB for the RD wire. I was worried about drilling further along the seatstay and have used electrical tape to keep the wire in place. The FD wire hole was also enlarged to take the grommets. Although I wasn't fitting the FD, I have put the wire in place to save having to remove the BB as this will be built into a road version for the summer. I know this is a bit of additional weight not required but it was a compromise I have made with myself.

Minimal decals and clearcoat applied, weight now 816g (maybe a bight light on the clearcoat). I have taken some inspiration form user Doyler's re-spayed R3 for one of the decal placements. I think a few years back I would have gone black decals but I really liked the clean black and white on the Dimension Data bikes. I have gone for silver though as I think it makes it a little more unique and a little more subtle.



Finishing kit, won't post pics of it all
Saddle - Hylix Carbon from ebay - advertised 92g, actual 93g
Seatpost - Hylix Carbon 27.2 400mm from ebay actual 164g cut down to 135g finished length - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=141982
Bars - Hylix Bullhorn from ebay - advertised 155g came in at 167g. The bullhorns themselves had a long reach so I cut them down slightly. Finished weight 151g. Uncut photo below.

Di2 all in weighed 369g. This is the RD, Battery, 2 junctions, all the wires inc FD wire, 3 grommets and the climbing shifter. RD is Ultegra 11 speed

Cranks - Rotor 3D - 531g
Chainring - BOR from Starbike, 36t, 35g
Brake levers - Planet X TT, advertised 105g, actual 96g for the pair
Brakes - Kurve CNC Ti, 204g. I have had these for several years and think they are the same as what Planet X brought out afterwards as their CNC version. Visually they are very similar.
Wheels including ultegra 12-25 cassette and Vittoria corsa 23mm tubs, 1780g. Bought a few years back, can't remember who built them but I think they are gigantex rims and novated hubs. I think the raw wheel weight would be circa 1100g ish guessing at 2 tubs and a cassette.
Seatpost clamp - stock, 17g
Headset - unknown, 57g
Topcap - Mt Zoom, ebay, 5g
BB - SRAM PF 30, 85g
Chain - KNC SL 11 speed I think, 228g cut
Skewers - Planet X, 43g
Bartape - Lizardskins, 14g
Brake cables - iLinks - I have 50g on my sheet but I think that was the starting weight and I lost count here of the cut weight
Stem - planet x 90mm, 100g (not sure if this was a kalloy uno weight that got swapped out for the PX for length)
Pedals - Look Keo Blade 2 cromo, 227g.
Headset spacer - Planet X 1g
Total spreadsheet weight - 5394g

Might be slightly under on the stem and over on the cables + some grease, I think that is reasonably close. These scales only take 3kg and my hanging scales are cheap and said more like 5.2kg, which although nice, seems impossible.


Final cut of the steerer tube took place after this. I think this is the Kalloy Uno stem as well.
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by Weenie

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by Rudi

Hit the 10 attachment limit.

You can see the shifter under the bar on the right. With the cable in place the lever doesn't travel far enough to get foiled by the body of the shifter.

UK Hill Climbs are held under the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) rules and not British Cycling. You are allowed one brake and brake lever if you are going fixed, but as this is geared then two brakes are required.

The National championships are held on different courses each year, some longer, some steeper than others. Some have fairly constant but steep gradients, hence where the fixed comes in.
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by istigatrice

Nice build, interesting choice of Di2 though, did you consider running a mechanical rear mech and a TT shifter?
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by Rudi

It was a very deliberate choice to use Di2. The rider has issues with their hands in the cold and has mis-shifted on SRAM before. Last thing you need on a hill climb race is to be in a harder gear when you were trying to get into an easier one. Di2 takes away a little of that uncertainty for this rider.
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by gangbang

How much time it tooks to strip all the paint from frame and fork? Thanks

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by Rudi

@gangbang, I wasn't very good at recording the time. My photo record shows me that I had finished and sprayed the frame slightly less than a calendar month after finishing the forks.

I was generally only working it over the weekends and a couple of nights in the week depending on what the weather was like - I wasn't in a hurry. I was working until my hands got tired or sore, so can't give an exact number, sorry.
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Apparently it did quite well!!! :wink:
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by vanmatthew

A quick on the re-paint. You stripped it. Put the decals on and then put the clearcoat?

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by Rudi

@vanmatthew, yes exactly that. Wasn't so much for the weight savings, just wanted to try and do it. I only put 6 decals back on the frame. I used 2 very small ones on top of some black tape to stop the brake cable rub. You can just see them in the photos in the post below.
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by Rudi

The Andy Jones photos - far better than my iphone ones:



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by Weenie

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by Rudi

jekyll man wrote:Apparently it did quite well!!!

Many thanks, but I think it was far more about the rider :-)
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