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by Juanmoretime

Not to take up bandwidth I have a link since I have not done anything since I posted this here it the time trial bike thread.


Now the story behind it.

I'm a soon to be 60 year old athlete. I was a competitive runner, mutlisport athlete and for over 9 years just on the bike. Age has not slown me down at all. Coming from a running background and multi sport the time trial was my sport for racing of choice. After competing in one form or another for over 43 years I was getting serious burnt out. So I quite time trailing and sold my Scott Plasma 2 2 years ago but the passion to train hard lives on.

So what changed? Very simple. I have stage three troat cancer. I was not a smoker or serious drinker in my past. So why a person that lives a very healthy lifestyle? It turns out long before I was married, over 35 years ago, I was in contact with a women who had HPV. 80% of those that are sexually active get HPV. For most their immune system will kill the virus in about two years. Then there are the few that it goes dormant in their bodies and can pop up as a cancer decades after the initial contact. This virus could have been in my body over 40 years. This was confirmed by testing. The good news is this very curable. I'm only one week into a 7 week chemotherapy and radiation itreatment program but I will beat this since I am very competitive and I play to win always. My family, friends and co workers have been total awesome thru this whole thing. While I won't say I would ever want to go thru this again it's been a very positive experience breathing new life into me everywhere including wanting to race after I get over this bump.

So the Blue is a post cancer present to my self to come back and enjoy all that life has to offer. My wif, my daughters, my grandchildren an yes, time trailing.

As I put my training wheels and dress her with race wheels and dial it to perfection to me I will post pictures here. This of course includes what I do to the Blue as the weight Weenie bugs bites me too!


PS me in my my radiation treatment mask.


by Weenie

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by sanrensho

Good luck with your treatments. I've read your posts on this forum forever (seemingly) and look forward to seeing your latest build after you beat this thing.

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by romalor

You look young under that mask
Some positive side effects ?

Just kidding !
Glad to see you back on wheels soon old man !

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by beanbiken

Sorry to hear of your illness but pleased you have a good prognosis. Hope to hear you are out smashing the pedals before long, good luck with your treatment.
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by Stolichnaya

Juan, beat this cancer so badly it regrets it ever chose you.
Then ride that bike like you stole it.

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by tk2306

Sorry to hear about your health issues, best of luck with the treatment and enjoy getting back out on the bike when the time comes!

Like sanrensho I feel like I have read your posts on here forever, looking forward to following the build as you progress!

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by brianwchan


Sorry to hear about the health issues but I am pulling for you to get well soon !

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by liam7020

I just know that TT bike is gonna get such a f*ckin' hammering. Good luck sir.
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by Tinea Pedis

My word Juan, that's some shocking news - but an incredibly inspiring disposition. Good luck smashing the cancer and then some TTs again.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Best Wishes Juan for a speedy recovery and return to normality
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by corky

All the Best Juan

Ps that face mask looks tres aero.....

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by glepore

Brave post, brave man. F cancer, kick its ass.
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by KB

my best wishes that you defeat this. if your post is anything to go by i'm sure you will.

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by majklnajt

I wish you all the best and I am sure you will be healthy and fine.

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

To all. I wanted to share this to let everyone know while your passion for the bike may wavier because of life. Reread this thread and maybe it will keep your passion alive. Riding your bike every day and eating to fuel your passion and life will keep help you if you find something in life comes into your life.

FWIW. I am still training daily. I have backed off time but not intensity. Its too important part of my life. My plan is to keep going since besides my wife, family and friends cycling keeps me focused. I go to work and have a full and productive day except Tuesday which is chemo day so I spend the whole day in the hospital. Cancer is a very small part of my life that I'm working hard to kick it out of my life.

Thank you for the kind works and thoughts. I am so stocked to get the Blue dialed and and get a few test rides in on it. I should be tweaking this weekend.

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