Show me your ti bikes

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by waynedude

Not all titanium but deserves a mention :)
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by sleepydog

@nspace, jdp211, Wingnut, Thanks for appreciating the ride. Lowering it to 18lbs is the next goal. Scrub disks & Clavicula cranks might do the trick, Alex scandium rims can also help.

@Sola, yeah brake levers were really off, thanks for pointing it out. Its a 26" mtb.

@Ramjm_2000, yes they're etched. Figured it'll be a hassle changing stickers when they get scuffed or dinged.

by Weenie

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by solarider

Actually, now you mention it, that is a 26er. Wow! You must be about the same height as your Avatar! At 6ft 2in, I always wanted to be shorter and lighter and ride a smaller frame.

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by soxiam

Vertigo custom


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by nspace

That is gorgeous. Please give us a drive side shot of this!

Sean does some really nice work. He would be one of my top choices if I had the coin to spend on a custom Ti bike. Lots of innovative details in his frames. Seatmast with thomson clamp looks great.

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by poully

I hadn't heard of Vertigo.....but that's one very sweet bike :thumbup:

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by Timo

That's a great looking bike, very clean. Is that ISP an altered Thomson post? More pics please!
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by Powerful Pete

Love the Vertigo. Very clean, nice lines. Weight and drive train side photograph, please!
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by Body

My proud


I am looking for Seatpost with setback but dont like the seatpost of Thomson because of the bend. I need it for my back.
Has anybody a good suggestion what will suits nice?
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by wshiong

Nice, i think if blackout the fork is much better :lol:
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by RichTheRoadie

Body wrote:My proud


Your Thomson seatpost is in the wrong way around.

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by jsinclair

that litespeed is fantastic!

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by RichTheRoadie

It'd look even better with a Thomson stem...

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by KB

Body - wonderful looking bike, well done; but take another pic with the chain on the large ring

by Weenie

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by RichTheRoadie

bencolem wrote:Image

This is *crying out* for 2012 SRAM Red! :wink:

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