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by alistaird


Long term lurker and recent occasional poster... This isn't a WW build yet but as it matures and if I like the ride then it will progress to a more WW build.

Always wanted a Colnago and found an interesting frame on the 'bay out of Hungary which looked genuine. The E1 was only made for a very short time but is a genuine Made in Italy frame and where possible I want to keep to a Made (or at worst designed) in Italy theme.
Where ever possible costs are kept down either with 'sale/NOS' parts or 2nd hand of the 'bay or other forums.

Current build is:
Colnago E1 Frame and Forks
Campagnolo Record Headset
Selle Italia Monolink Post and SLR Saddle
Deda Pressa Handlebars
FSA Stem
Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels
Campagnolo Record RD
Campagnolo Super Record FD (with a replacement Athena cage) - the original carbon cage was nearly worn through
Campagnolo Record Shifters
Campagnolo Record 11 speed cassette
Campagnolo OverTorque Comp Ultra cranks
Tune (Italian Thread) BB (Campagnolo don't support Italian Thread BB on the OT cranks)
Michelin Giro D'Italia 19mm tyres (I have 5 of these so they need to be used...)
Alpha Carbon Cages

To install
Nokon cables
Record chain

To buy:
Miche SWR brakes
Cinelli Red Hook tape

Current weight is just over 7kg so hoping the full build will be under 8kg.

I know there are some easy weight wins here - tubes, removing the Puncture protection from the tyres (I want to get more than 5 miles on my first ride :P )

Some not very good phone camera pics:

ImageIMG_20161025_132625 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132757 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132643 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132700 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132719 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132727 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132745 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20161025_132827 by A&D D, on Flickr

The protective stickers are still on the cranks along with the alignment sticker on the cage and some tape to make sure it's in line with my bike fitting, there is some touch up paint on the frame as it's 10+ years old, and the rear skewer is an old one as the bike is mounted on my turbo trainer as I build it up and test it.


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by alistaird

I know this isn't any way near a WW build but I will be looking for advice on how to lighten the bike once it's built up and running - if I like the ride...

At the moment, cost is a concern so I'm buying used and/or on 'sale' items. Ideally keeping as much Italian as possible at the moment but this will change as I try and lighten the final build. Where possible though I am buying the lightest I can find at a sensible price e.g. the Cranks, cages etc.

So far this is what it's looking like:

Frame with Record headset

ImageDSC_0038 by A&D D, on Flickr

Fork with crown race

ImageDSC_0037 by A&D D, on Flickr

Alpha cages and bolts

ImageDSC_0050 by A&D D, on Flickr

Fulcrum Racing 3 rear wheel with tube, tyre and puncture protection (I don't want to be walking home on my first test ride)

ImageDSC_0039 by A&D D, on Flickr

Racing 3 front wheel as above.

ImageDSC_0040 by A&D D, on Flickr

Record 11 speed cassette

ImageDSC_0041 by A&D D, on Flickr

Control tech skewers

ImageDSC_0042 by A&D D, on Flickr

Record RD with Far Near jockey wheels etc.

ImageDSC_0043 by A&D D, on Flickr

Super Record FD with Athena cage

ImageDSC_0044 by A&D D, on Flickr

FSA Stem, Record top cap, carbon spacer and bolts

ImageDSC_0045 by A&D D, on Flickr

Deda Pressa carbon bars plus Record Ergo Shifters (having just set the provisional build to my bike fit, didn't want to remove the Ergos)

ImageDSC_0046 by A&D D, on Flickr

Tune Italian thread BB cups

ImageDSC_0047 by A&D D, on Flickr

Campag Over Torque Ultra Comp with washers (on the re-build am trying a wavy washer instead- note that OT does NOT support Italian thread BB so my build is without the normal adjustable 2mm spacer (I haven't the space and am trying a wavy washer instead to ensure there is no play in the NDS)

ImageDSC_0048 by A&D D, on Flickr

Old style Look/Campag Record pedals - these are the ones with the Campagnolo Record axles

ImageDSC_0049 by A&D D, on Flickr

Selle Italia Monolink post and SLR saddle.

ImageDSC_0052 by A&D D, on Flickr

Noname seatpost clamp.

ImageDSC_0051 by A&D D, on Flickr

I've got Nokon cables to go on and am considering some KCNC brake calipers at the moment...

Clear areas for improvement are the wheel/tub/tyre combination and the pedals. I have a pair of these which I might try (but as there are no cleat replacements available I'm careful when I use them)


Any other obvious areas for easy weight gains?



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by kgt

Pedals, saddle-seatpost combo, stem, wheels.

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by alistaird

kgt wrote:Pedals, saddle-seatpost combo, stem, wheels.

Thanks, Pedals and wheels I guessed but will look at saddle/seatpost and stem.


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by alistaird

First full build up. A few things have changed. Wheels based on OEM from the one on-line review I found. Not had a chance to ride it yet, waiting for a decent spell of weather here in the UK. I don't want to get it wet...

ImageDSC_0051 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageDSC_0056 by A&D D, on Flickr

ImageDSC_0060 by A&D D, on Flickr


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by kulivontot

Short answer is that everything except the campy group is pretty heavy. The frame / fork especially is about 1kg more than a modern lightweight frameset (although maybe not in your size), but you've got an uphill battle to 6.8kg. Stick with stuff you can take with you to a new frame pretty easily (seat, post, wheels)

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