Colnago c60 build complete

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by gangbyeon

SRM power meter!! Gold colnago C60!!!
Love it!!!

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by echtogammut

Nice, needs a KMC Gold chain to finish it off.

by Weenie

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by ride1970

Very very nice

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by tids0009

Wow, very nice looking C60, very nice build. Wish the side walls on the Graphene's were black though. Well done!

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by Durisic

Sweeeet! Very nice. :thumbup:

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by dpkinard

I wish the fork legs after the lug were black like the tubes on the frame. Other than that, beautiful bike.

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by qorwlch

wow.... nice gold... what is weight??

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by Sacke

abrown3mtg wrote:I was wondering the sale thing about the finish on the lugs.

Edit. After a fair amount of time on Google, this seems normal.... Either Colnago is masking them this way semi consistently, the lugs are prone to the angle of photos causing this illusion, or there are a lot of replicas floating around!

(I'm not implying this one is a replica). I have only seen a c60 in person once that wasn't riding past me the opposite direction.

It's on a short list of bikes I would love to own!

My LBS owner just received his C60 with red lugs, and the same thing applies. The top lugs have paint "flowing over", while the bottom ones do not.

Looks sloppy indeed, especially since they have no problem getting pristine results with the far more complex Art Deco paint.

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by Gumwalls25


nice build!

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by jackx84

great components setup.
however is there any reason of using enve set?

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by Timujin

Lovely build!

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by Icarus147


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by tids0009

Wow, that looks very very nice ironmancycle. Love that colour C60 and with the Super Record build including power meter - VERY NICE!

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by tabl10s

Not a gold guy as chips/scratches are highlighted. Can gold paint exhibit problems like gold plating on guitar pickups?
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