Colnago c60 build complete

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by ironmancycle

Colnago c60
Campy super record
Enve 4.5's
Enve stem, handle bar
SRM power meter
Fizik saddle

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by Sleepless

No build is complete without photos. :)

by Weenie

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by paradawt

Ye man... Where r the pics? :D
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by gfeldy

Interesting setup w/ the Enve parts. Looks good, how does it ride?
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by Bondurant

Love the look of the trad frame

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by Calnago

Why do I have an irresistible urge to watch a rerun of James Bond's Goldfinger.
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by LorneMalvo

Must be the first pic of a traditional C60 in that colorway, at least for me. Really nice

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by dj97223

bling-a-dee-bling :thumbup:
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by bencolem

Think it needs black tires and rings to let the frame do all the talking? But yeah, pretty spectacular!

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by emorydptt

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Bravo!!! well done!! :thumbup:
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by tadrums

What was ur previous bike?

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by Bely

Everything's awesome - as my Son singing the Lego theme song would say

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by Mr.Gib

Is it just the photos or has some of the gold paint made its way onto the black carbon tubes. The bottom bracket lug paint looks good and sharp but the head tube and seat tube cluster lugs not so much. I have seen this appearance before and it always bothered me.
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by abrown3mtg

I was wondering the sale thing about the finish on the lugs.

Edit. After a fair amount of time on Google, this seems normal.... Either Colnago is masking them this way semi consistently, the lugs are prone to the angle of photos causing this illusion, or there are a lot of replicas floating around!

(I'm not implying this one is a replica). I have only seen a c60 in person once that wasn't riding past me the opposite direction.

It's on a short list of bikes I would love to own!

by Weenie

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by Geoff

Ok, that's nice. It looks like Rawlings...

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