Custom Painted Rca 12.8 lbs / 5.8 kg

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by AZR3

As an art piece to hang on the wall I love it but as a bike to ride I'd pass

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by hmai18

Trying to channel Pegoretti vibes?

by Weenie

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by kgt

It would look much nicer with regular Meilenstein but it is too loud as it is.

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by Calnago

Wow! Yeah, the frame is cool but I'd go all black at the extremities, including the saddle. And either all black Meilensteins (no white spokes) or Bora 50 Dark Labels. And I had a chuckle at @Prendrefeu's request for incremental paint weights, for each component no less. But it is WW, after all. :)

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by rideintospace

The bike is too cool! kinda like a bunch of kids got loose with a pack of markers. I saw it last night but most of the time my view was of the seat stays :shock:

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by JKolmo

Wow what a cool paintjob! As others said, would be a lot cooler with some black rim (and black spoked) wheels instead of those porcelain wheels I would have put matte black stuff on it and let the awesome paintjob speak for itself.

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by phlip

I like the white wheels. Frame and wheels look amazing together.

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by beepbeep

Insane. Nice to see someone with 100% commitment.

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by xena


Frame looks fantastic . IMO the rest should be black /carbon including nude carbon forks. The deep section wheel do not suit the frame.
That could be any frame "if you get me"

I salute the frame :thumbup:
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by tabl10s

sedluk wrote:
Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:38 pm
I have several Rca bikes that I ride, a mix of 22mm/25mm tires, Standard and Compact shifting.

This one is for cruising around, I have the 25mm tires on for country roads. I have another set of wheels, Obermayer wheels with white spokes that I will also use but I had the Fernweg wheels painted to match the frame.

I have pretty much all the same components as my other Rca bikes. I go for light and reliable, not the lightest if not the most reliable.

I reused the handlebar stem combo that at one time I used on a Cervelo S5.

I had the Fernweg wheels and while they are nice, I was not putting a lot of miles on them. They also had some small dents in the side.

I had Toby at Hot Tubes clean up the wheels using his carbon repair skills and he also removed the extra holes in the frame that are for electronic shifting. Toby then painted the frame after getting permission from Dario Pegoretti who was the inspiration for this paint job.

With the Obermayer white spoke wheels the bike weighs 11.75 lbs / 5.3 kg

The wheels reminds me of giant Lifesavers.
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by hannawald

It is great as it is with white wheels, hat down! I would just maybe paint the seatpost clamp, but that is really a small detail.

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by StanK

This one certainly leaves the impression. Although I very much like it don't know if would like to have it as an everyday bike.
In any case, for me looks better with white than black wheels, although I would prefer that the back triangle has got a bit of paint job instead above of head tube.
But great idea, nonetheless.

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by VTR1000SP2

This is one amazing project! Chapeau.

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by spdntrxi

the deep white wheels are too much... otherwise nice paint

by Weenie

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