2016 S-Works Tarmac Sagan WC Edition [Updated]

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by HaroldC

*Updated July 5th, 2016*
Finally finished the bike and got a chance to take it out for its maiden ride. The paint really is stunning in person. I tried my best to capture it in photos, but didn't really capture it well. It isn't really a WW build, but at least it's under 15 lbs/6.8kgs with pedals and cages.

Frame: Specialized S-Works Sagan WC Tarmac
Drivetrain: SRAM Red eTap
Cranks: S-Works Carbon w/ Quarq Powermeter
Stem: 3T ARX Stealth
Handlebar: 3T Ergonova Stealth Carbon
Saddle: S-Works Toupe
Wheelset: Zipp 303 NSW
Tires: S-Works Turbo 24/26
Pedals: Speedplay Stainless
Cages: S-Works carbon
Weight: 14lbs 13oz / 6.73 kgs


Frame (iPhone photos):
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by burglarboycie

My local bike shop has one of these built up in the showroom and it is a superb looking bike in the flesh. I'm glad you've chose Etap!!! And yes, embrace the gold chain!! You know it makes sense!!
Good luck with the build.

by Weenie

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by stormp

Please dont go for gold cabbles! Chain might be ok, but why choose more "bling" when the frame has so much - I would go all black on cabbles, stem, handelbar, seatpost etc. Saddle and tape might be white, as long as they're the same colour its ok.

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by jz4nyc

That is sharp. Is it a fleck/glitter clearcoat over the dark paint?

Is this a new model or a special run? I haven't seen any word of that, but then again, haven't paid too close attention to Specialized offerings the past few years.

Looking forward to seeing the final build. E-tap would be cool. Agreed on going with black housing & other stuff. Gold chain would be nice touch, but let the frame shine instead overall.

Really diggin' that badge.

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by majklnajt

stormp wrote:Please dont go for gold cabbles! Chain might be ok, but why choose more "bling" when the frame has so much - I would go all black on cabbles, stem, handelbar, seatpost etc. Saddle and tape might be white, as long as they're the same colour its ok.

I'd choose white bartape and saddle.

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by Nejmann

Awesome bike! Love the gold logo.

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by gmakris

dream bike! I envy you.....

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by dudemanppl

Black housing, silver chain please!

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by ifrit

Wow the painting is amazing!
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by robertg

Congrats Harold! Beautiful frame. I haven't seen you in a while, hope everything is great. Miss riding with you.

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by wrenegade

Gorgeous looking frame. My vote/suggestions would be:

Saddle: Black
Bar tape: Black...or accent colour from the frame (blue, red, green)
Cables: Black
Chain: Gold. Hell ya.

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by mike

Gold bar tape

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by hmai18

A teammate of mine uses the gold Jagwire elite and it's much more of a yellow metallic finish than the gold of the headbadge.

Keep it simple and classy: black housing.

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by jimaizumi

I've seen this frame in the flesh and the key aspect of this frame is how much it stands out in the light. If anything, it pulls people in from afar w/ the WCS color and the up close gaze comes with the speckled paint...

Would keep everything black as you really don't want detract attention away from the frame.
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by Weenie

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by bikemaniack

I will be waiting for Nibali pink version

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