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by Wookski

##Update on Page 4##

Just completed my latest project- a lightweight "everyday" road bike. The focus was to build a light, fast and reliable bike I could use both in the mountains and on the flats. I'm stoked with the bike- shifting, handling and weight are on plan (6.1kg on 1,400g clinchers) however will be adding a set of climbing tubs (extralite laced to enve 2.2) and brakes (ee's of course) in the near future.

Keen to hear your thoughts and upgrade recommendations!


Build list:
Frame NeilPryde Bura SL (custom paint by carbon bike doctor in Sydney)
Seatpost MCFK setback 27.2 x 350
Saddle Tune KommVor
Collar Tune Schraubwurger
Stem Extralite Hyperstem
Headset Carbon Ti X-Plug & C-Cap
Bars 3T Ergonova LTD
Bar ends Fairwheel carbon
Bar tape LizardSkins DSP 1.8
Pedals Speedplay zero with ti axels, bolts & butterflies
Cranks Rotor 3DF (murdered out- anodized)
Bottom bracket SRAM PF30 BB
Chainrings Praxis Works 52/36
Chain KMC X11SL
Shifters Dura Ace 9000
Front mech Dura Ace 9000
Rear mech Dura Ace 9000 with Extralite jockey wheels
Brakes Dura Ace 9000
Wheels Custom Curve 38, CX Rays, DT240 w 52 tooth ratchet
Skewers Extralite Streeters
Cassette SRAM Red 1190
Tubes Schwalbe Extra Light
Tyres Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed
Cages Tune Wassertrager
Cables Jagwire Elite Link
Chain catcher Werking cycles carbon
Garmin mount Werking cycles carbon (not pictured)
Bolts Black Ti wherever possible
Total weight 6.1kg

Props to Zak at Skunkworks bikes in Sydney who helped source parts and build the bike. He's the best!
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by Beverly

Very nice, good choice in ring/crank :wink:

I like the paint job. Can still tell it's a NP, but it's subdued nicely.

by Weenie

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by SLCBrandon

Saddle choice of the initiated. Nice.

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by burglarboycie

Stealth at its finest!

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by kgt

Nice one!

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by davidw

Looks great! I was following the build on the Skunkworks instagram. Pumped on how it turned out. Congrats!

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by prendrefeu

Love these frames.

Nice build.
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by IamnotWiggins

I like what you've done with the cranks!

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by nobuseri

Nice, light build; props for rocking the gold chain!
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by dudemanppl

Bar and shifter angles are way off. Skunkworks is mega salty about me and my friend mentioning that.

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by sugarkane

What do you except mate?? My Insta account is not a public forum for dumb inane comments from fixie kids with no idea what they are talking about.. You wana mount your hoods half way down the bend on modern ergo bars like its 1990 good on ya.. Also what the hell is up with your Campag hoods pointed in as such an angle..? This like most of the bikes I build are professionaly fitted. If you wana go around making stupid statements keep it here ( unfortually what this place has turned into ) :noidea:

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by Nefarious86

I thought seamless transition was a good thing with 9000/R785 series shifters on that style of bar.. Exactly how I run my everyday bike setup. Crit bike has aggresive angles because of the ergo bars but thats also good for its intended use.

Either way this thing came out super nice, hopefully today wasn't too bad tho clean that damn chain ;) It may also be the factory lube inside the rollers causing the gunk, this will become less frequent as you more or less wash it out with fresh stuff.
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by MikeyBE

Really nice build. How are you liking the Rubino tyres?

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by DartanianX

Lucky your saddle didn't break...

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by Weenie

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by Pottsy


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