Kevosinn's personal Cryptic project. Pics up on pg.6

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by kevosinn

So I've decided to take on a new personal WW build. Things around the shop have been crazy and I have some customer frames that will take priority over this but I'm shooting for below 4.08 kg or sub 9lbs. My last light build came in at 4.6kg so this will be a big step. (At this weight every gram is hard to shed). Here are a few rough details.

Frame- building something light but keeping safety the first priority. Tubing and layup will feature some high end materials. I'm using a blend of 42msi and 55msi carbon as well as boron to make the tube set. The junction layup will also feature some pitched based ultra high modulus fiber.

Shifters- Sram red tuned
Brakes- undecided
Fd- campy record titanium tuned
RD- Sram red tuned
Crank- probably clavicula SE
Chain rings- fibre lyte- Thanks Stephen!
Chain-ybn titanium
Cassette- something aluminium....or maybe cnc carbon if I can get that designed.
Wheels- Reynolds KOM rims probably with extra lite hubs.
Bar/stem- Cryptic combo with AX stem and schmolke bar
Pedals- aerolite
Cages- Cryptic prototype
Cable/housing- custom tune outer with power cordz
Tires- undecided.

I've started to gather a few parts...



Last edited by kevosinn on Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:41 pm, edited 3 times in total. Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

by Weenie

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by AZR3

Mmmmm, love me some crazy weightweenie build. Can't wait to see how this frame turns out

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by fletch62

I've got some new Engage Gavial brakes i'm not sure im going to use. 185 grams with pads and holders. Drop me a PM if your interested.

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Engage Gavial will be too heavy for this ambitious build.. THM Fibula or AX 3000!
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by prendrefeu

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by Haydn

This sounds exciting, looking forward to following the build!

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by briantumma

Subscribed! Eager to see this build

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by synthesis

XX Light Bikes Front hub 36g


Extralite SP is 46g

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by kevosinn

Do they still make that hub? I just looked and Don't see it on their website. That's crazy light. Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by burglarboycie

Will be watching this build with interest!

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by synthesis

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by Juanmoretime

I'm watching too. This is going to be good. Subscribed!

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by Marin

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by timjerome

definitely subscribed for this one

by Weenie

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by BmanX

This will be a very interesting build. If the frame is going to have integrated post and seat, how about running the rear brake cable internally with stops along the top tube so that it exits right above the rear brake and directly out the back of the frame. This would give you the shortest housing run possible and really allow for a clean look.

Also what about running this build as a 1 X 11 with a 48t or 50t front and an 11/23 rear to keep the weight down as well. It allows you to gut the left shifter, no FD or mount and no extra cable port or run to the FD. Could clean up the whole build really nicely.

It just depends on where you ride and if you really need 2 X 11 or not. I know others have done very light builds but in the end all you really need is 11 functional gears and if you live in a flat location, 1 X 11 is very nice.

I am really wanting to build an 1 X 10 build with spare parts but I have not been able to get another frame purchase past the wife. That is the problem having too many bikes already and not wanting to sell any to fund a new project.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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