What is brighter than the sun and faster than the light?

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by jdc5r

My new aero bike :twisted:

But seriously, i have never tried any aero bikes before so really looking forward to it.

Build might not be the most exciting but i will tweak from time to time.

Should be up and running by next week.

For now, here is a teaser.

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by Nefarious86

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by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

R136a1 is brighter than the Sun (our local star), and given its size and the amount of energy associated with a star that large there is a strong possibility that tachyons (particles traveling faster than the speed of light) would be somewhat related. :D

That said, that's a damn bright frameset, is this a Project One order?
Looking forward to how you'll be finishing it off.

Don't mess up. :evil:

No, but seriously: don't mess up. We're all watching.
No pressure.

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by tmr5555


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by TransientByNature

I've been ogling the 2016 madone 9.5's... damn I need a better job.

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by nd2rc

Thumbs up to the Homer Simpson gif. That just made my day. HA! Looking forward to seeing this badboy built up!

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by mimason

Looking forward to seeing how you finish it off.

Check out the orange Fizik bar tape and orange/black DMC shoes for color match if you go all out retina punch.

EDIT: DMC shoes not Giro....

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by MRM

Colour already looks amazing! Can't wait...

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by jdc5r

Yup. M9 and P1 order.

The paintjob is stunning. I spent what seems like eternity playing with the P1 configurator and was all set for a more subtle scheme but decided last moment to try something ballsy. I generally prefer understated scheme's a little more but am glad i took the plunge on this.

Due to the M9's integrated nature, you don't actually have too much creativity when it comes to speccing everything up. A lot of the choices are made for you already.

Only thing i am tossing up is the wheelset choice. I am thinking bora one 50's atm but am considering a set of fernweg clinchers as well.

Here are some more pics.



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by AZR3

Woah! Hold on a sec......
That's better, this is gonna be sweet!

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by kgt


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by oreoboreo

Don't hit me orange... I like it!
Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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by CBJ

Love orange bikes!

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by Grill

Fernwegs would be a waste on that bike. Boras are the better choice. Personally I'd go with something handbuilt.

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by MRM

Purely in terms of looks wheels deeper than 50 mm tend to look nicer on the Madone 9 (or pretty much all other aero bikes). So something like Enve 6.7, Roval CLX 64, Zipp 404 or Ax-lightness P55 T etc.

by Weenie

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