S-WORKS Venge 2012

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by natefontaine

Introducing my first carbon road bike. Held on to the Al bikes for the past 5 years. I'll get more specific weights when I tear down the Allez and build up the Venge. If I haven't missed anything major I should be just about 7,5 kg with pedals and 60 mm tubulars, I'll look around for ways to reduce weight if I can. I'll probably be upgrading the cockpit to the Pro Stealth Evo integrated bars.

56 cm S-WORKS Venge 2012: 1846 g
Frame with BB30 Bearings hanger: 1158 g (guess is just under 1100 g bare)
Fork cut: 354 g
Seatpost uncut: 185 g
Headset bearings: 54 g
Expander plug and topcap: 35g
Seat post clamp: 33 g
Aero Cap: 21 g
BB Cable guide and rear mech bung: 12 g
S-WORKS Cage bolts x4: 6 g

Will be built up with the following components: estimated based on known weights
DA9000 mini Groupo: 1438 g
9000 Rear D. - 160 g
9000 Front D. - 65 g
9000 Brakes - 297 g
9000 STI - 367 g
9000 Pedals - 248 g
7900 Front Skewer - 65 g
9000 Rear Skewer - 66 g
9000 Cables & Housing - 161 g (109 g leftover)

Ultegra 6800 misc parts: 529 g
6800 Cassette - 11-32T - 265 g
6800 Chain - 116L - 264 gm

Contacts: 667 g
Bars - S-WORKS Aerofly - 239 g
Stem - Pro Sprint - 105mm x -5deg - 214 g
Saddle - Pro Falcon Carbon 142mm - 159 g
Tape - Pro Digital Carbon Smart - 55 g

Elite Bottles Cages: 84 g

Crankset - 170mm Hollowgram Si w/ Stages 52/38 Osymetric - 628 g

Wheelset: 2182 g
60 mm Tubular on DA hubs; 16h Front 7900, 24h rear 9000: 1482 g
Tubs + Glue: 600 g
Orange seal: 100 g
Only BB30 bearings and hanger
Seatpost with carbon rail clamp
seatpost clamp
headset bearings
Fork cut to ~40mm above topcap
expander plug and topcap
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by Weenie

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by martinko

I can recommend Pro Fiberglass cages. They weigh ~32g and cost the same as Elite cages. Or try other plastic cages. Why to have one more brand on bike? :-)

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by natefontaine

Matinko - I tried the Pro cages, the most difficult entry and exit ever, and since the Elites are carryovers from the Allez I'll keep them, that is until I get a set of Mandible cages.

Got the Chainset weighed and ready to install.
170mm Hollowgram Si with Stages and 52/38 OsymetricUSA '14

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by jhamlin38

love it!

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by natefontaine

Made some progress towards the buildup tonight. Still needs cables, chain and tape.
Almost there
That's one big stem
Pro Bar Tape
105mm Sprint Stem
Topcap and bolt
142mm Falcon carbon rails anatomical fit

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by natefontaine

Finalized my handlebar setup. Ended up going with the new Specialized Aerofly in 40cm. With the width of the stem I found only one possible garmin out front mount http://www.shapeways.com/product/C84MQ54UB/racebone-garmin-handlebar-mount?optionId=42451382. All together the cockpit is staggering 453 grams. I did end up losing ~50gm, 25 from the bars and 25 from less tape. Plus now I put the garmin in my pocket, so no weight of the mount.

As pictured it is set at 7.31 kg
20160106_110624 (1).jpg
Specialized Aerofly 40cm
20160106_172229 (1)1.jpg
20160106_110624 (2).jpg
20160106_110624 (3).jpg

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by AZR3

Sick looking Venge, how do you like the Aerofly handlebar? I'm on the fence between the 3T Aeronova, Aerofly and Zipp SL-70 aero

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by NiFTY

Nice build. Big fan of that paint scheme. much better than the Vias
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by Weenie

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by natefontaine


@AZR3, I really like the cable routing for the Aerofly compared to the others. It is less stiff than the Vibe7s in 38cm but seems adequate. The shape is comfortable. I cannot comment more on the other bars you mentioned

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