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by Durisic

Very nice! :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by sharkman

Crap paint job! the holes indeed are pin holes and not some sort of sillicone problem but a base filler would have done the trick.
These thing happen but these wheels should never have left the shop in this state!

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by csteenbe

JLNQ wrote:Hi Frank,

I have sent you a handful of emails about this.

To explain the reason why we lacquered the whole rim, experience has taught us that it's a better job to let the brake blocks remove the lacquer instead of leaving a hard masked edge.
Running a bike in normal conditions, the braking surface would be clear of the lacquer within a couple of miles. We don't see this as a problem.

I can only apologise for the wheels being late returned to you. Sometimes we experience a backlog of work, very sorry.

The paintwork is not poor, it's the nature of the beast that you are at the mercy of raw carbon fibre.
The pin holes in the lacquer are not silicone or grease contamination (as your painters say). Close inspection of the picture will show that there's a uniformed pattern in the pin-holes, where the carbon weave meets. If it was poor paintwork, the pattern would not be uniform.

On a carbon bike frame that has a glossy finish, a resin is used before the carbon fibre is laid into the mould, this completely seals the carbon fibre. The manufacturing process of a glossy resin finished carbon frame that has no imperfections cannot be compared to the finish that you would get if you lacquer a raw carbon surface. Two entirely different manufacturing processes and results.

The best you could ever hope for on painting raw carbon fibre is that (by luck!) there are no pin-holes in the carbon fibre, prior to lacquering. It's a cosmetic process that cannot be scrutinised too closely.

The wheels came from Campagnolo in a raw, ultra lightweight un-lacquered finish with extremely light slide transfers on. This is why Campagnolo and many other carbon manufacturers will not lacquer raw carbon. Matte finishes and slide transfers would have hidden these pin-holes. They have been there since they came out of the mould.

It is purely cosmetic. Raw carbon fibre that has been lacquered will not stand close scrutiny. Please be aware, if you are thinking of taking these wheels elsewhere to be re-done, the likelihood is that they will come back looking exactly the same and weight a lot more. The pin-holes are 'V' shaped, meaning the more lacquer you apply, the more the outer edge will ripple.

I have never heard this kind of b*llsh*t sorry, bad job...refund the customer and apologise...

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by kiekeboeboe

What a terrible paintjob :cry:
Shame on you JLNQ!!! :evil: The greatest bullshit story ever told ...
And the worst of all ... the original Campagnolo 3Diamant brakesurface is completely f*cked up :shock:

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by Fiery

One of those Google searched images comes from a thread on a different forum that suggests a few different ways to avoid this issue: ... wal-2.html

Any reasons why something like that was not done in this case?

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by stormur

Answer is simple ; bad craftmanship. Lack of knowledge, skills and experience. Judging from images, rims hasn't been painted. It has been literally drawn in clearcoat ( which clearly indicates attempts to get rid of pinholes ).

I wouldn't paint those wheels, but that's irrelevant. If someone will do that to me, solution is also simple : the "painter" just bought me set of new wheels. Mine has been damaged, and his "art" is nonreversible.

I believe that painter is UK business, so case is easy; British consumer board is extremely efficient is executing consumer rights. To not say painfully efficient.

It's good to have skills behind marketing. Otherwise it's very short path.
Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.
Mark Twain

I can be wrong, and have plenty of examples for that ;)

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Hi all,

please feel free to email me if you require anymore information about the wheels.

I'd also just like to show something we've been working on recently, a real beautiful Cervelo!

The frame came to us in perfect condition, but the owner wanted a colour change and some unique detailing.

We stripped and decontaminated the frame by hand, before spraying in a dark primer, as this helps for coverage of the black. We then applied the stencils. It's a very simple design, but there's a lot of colours to paint (black, silver, grey, red, ride) so was quite time consuming!

Stencils are much better than a decal as they are painted on rather than stuck on a lacquered over, this is 'the proper way' of doing it!

I'm really looking forward to seeing this bike built, check out the maple leaf on the top-tube! The 'Cervelo' on the down-tube is also pretty unique, we've ghosted a very very small amount of silver over the top of the grey. We do this as it looks fantastic when it hits natural light!

ImageCervelo by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageCervelo by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageCervelo by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageCervelo by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageCervelo by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr


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by goleafsgo5

Is this an rca?

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by Icarus147

JLNQ wrote:Another finished!

Lovely Cervelo is super metallic silver and matte black.

No decals stuck on, all stencils!

Finished off in No Quarter wax


That is without a doubt one of the most beautiful custom jobs I've seen.

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@goleafsgo5 - it's a R2!

@Icarus147 - thanks, I'm also fond of that paintjob! We used a super metallic for that, combined with a machine polished finish it was amazing how much a silver could 'pop'

ImageDSC_0843 by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

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Here's our latest video:

We use the 500ml shampoo, fine pore sponge and detailing brush in this video.

You'll notice that we swill the sponge in the bucket, this removes all the dirt each time you wipe your bike. Removing the dirt from the sponge is important as it means you won't scratch your frame or components.

We've upgraded the bottle of our shampoo, all new kits will have the new, larger bottle head. You'll only need to use 2 capfuls instead of 4.

ImageMerida in for a wash! by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageNo Quarter shampoo - 500ml by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageDetailing brush by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageOur shampoo doing its thing by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

ImageFinished! by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

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I'd also just like to share the full review we received from Cycling Weekly. Happy that we got a 9/10!

ImageCycling Weekly review by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

Full review: ... ailing-kit

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Introducing our latest product; Speed Detailer.

What it does:

. safely and easily remove fingerprints, light mud, grit, salt and general contaminants from matte or gloss bikes
. add a layer or protection against dirt and water, which lasts for 2 weeks or two wet washes (whichever comes first)
. gloss finishes will become shinier, matte finishes will stay matte

ImageDSC_3358 by No Quarter Paint, on Flickr

As a little thank-you for the support, I'm happy to offer all users of this forum a 10% discount, simply use the code 'weightweenies' at the cart!


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by Broady

JLNQ wrote:As a little thank-you for the support, I'm happy to offer all users of this forum a 10% discount, simply use the code 'weightweenies' at the cart!


Just made an order for some wax today, should have checked here beforehand!

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by minley1

Thanks, ordered some of the detailer spray with the code.

Is it ok to use this along with the wax?

by Weenie

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