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by RTW

I'm not new, but here is a bit about ToddyWoddy

I have been heavily into cycling for what seems like all of my life! Having lived in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, I have also had the pleasure of riding some fantastic routes. I now live in London, but my local riding always takes place around Windsor and the Chilterns. I own three bikes. An old fully rigid Kona (no original parts, 02 – 05 XT), a Klein Attitude (race bike) XT / XTR / Dura Ace fairly weight weenie. My description of solid rock wheel on the CS forum is accurate! My road bike is a Turro Thunder, bought out of the back door of the factory in Italy. I got it while living in Davos, Switzerland where I learnt how to climb! It is columbus aluminium, with carbon fork, and full Veloce. A workhorse.

My training takes place on top of my full time job. I work for a translation company. This means I have to fit in what I can, where I can. I think I do very well and fortunately I have an understanding girlfriend. A lot of my training and drills take place on my commute (15 – 18km each way depending on route) which I do everyday without fail (recovery week not included, where it might be dropped a couple of days a week). I also do turbo training on top of this at home, then either race or get a an endurance ride in on a Sunday. Saturday is my rest day.

I’m new to racing and serious training, but my racing is mountain bikes. I do cross country, and am looking to get a top 5 result in a Sport race this year. In the short term, I aim to get a podium in an Open race in the Spring series I am doing on my old Kona. I don’t think this is something that is out of reach. In my first and only Open race this year I was in fifth position before my chain snapped. There were over 100 entrants!

Training is going well. I have clocked 1500miles since Dec 5th!

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by RTW

I thought it was about time I posted one of my bikes. So this is it. Not completely WW, but with some WW inspiration the weight is coming down. I estimate it to be around 9.5kg at the moment. It is my race bike and the spec reflects that. I intend to bolt tune shortly.

Spec is:
Klein Attitude large 2002, with 6 alu bottle cage bolts
RS Duke XC
Speed Dial, Single Digit ti brakes (ww inspired)
XTR brake cables
XT shifter pods (tuned ww inspired) with Alu bolts
Titec Pork Rinds (ww inspired)
Ritchey WCS stubbie bar ends
Syntace F99 (ww inspired)
Carbon spacer
KMC x-10 gold chain
XT 760 cranks
XT front mech (with ti clamp bolt)
XTR rear mech 952 with adjuster removed/drilled out and ti clamp bolt
Dura Ace 11 - 23 cassette (ww inspired)
XT hubs on Mavic 517
Continental SuperSonic tubes
Continental SuperSonic Explorer tyres
Thomson Elite Post
Forte Carbon / ti tube saddle
Easton EA70 bar
Hope seat collar (bolt)



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by FelixOr

nice bike rich! i already told you like 500times, but the klein-paintjobs (especially yours) are awsome.

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by oclv150

Won't you cover the shifter pod??

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by RTW

oclv150 wrote:Won't you cover the shifter pod??

Perhaps. The previous brake levers covered the hole pretty well. If anyone has anything suitable PM me!

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by chri5

Gorgeous, absolutely stunning! Ver nice built and Klein rules anyway!

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by Lardy

I ride an old Klein Pulse Race (single speed) It ain't nearly as nice as that though.

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by RTW

I need to update this entire thread, having bought new bikes, changed parts and having made a few changes in my circumstances.

I will do this soon. However, in the meantime I think that it is important to declare that I am now working in the industry for Ergon. I will, however, continue to give an honest and unbiased opinion on all parts of this forum.

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by jalapeno

ooh, i do like that klein!
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by NS

Your signature line is factually incorrect. The Ksyrium ES stands for Edition Special it is a special edition not limited edition this has always been the case and was stated so when they were first released.

Nice Bike BTW :wink:
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by evilgeek

richardtoddywoddy wrote: I am now working in the industry for Ergon.

can you tell us if the GX2 grip is going to be shipping soon?

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by steelstring7

Wow Rich, what a nice bike! Paint job is great. I like how the rims and front fork go so well together. Heck, I like the whole thing.

That's about the cleanest bike I've seen. Did you clean it up for the photos, or is it always like that?

Nice bike! :D
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by Chwanzus-Longus

klein-bikes and colors are awesome :D


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by record

That's awesome color scheme. Crazy one, but I love it!!!

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by RTW

I am going to have to update all the pics soon because the forks and the cranks have changed.

@ Steelstring. The photographs were taken at the end of the winter last year. Many of the parts were new (cranks, chain, cassette, tyres) but the wheels have many miles on them. Everything was taken off the bike and cleaned thoroughly over the winter. Sad but true!

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