My 5.5kg Trek Emonda SLR - updated on 2015-Dec-07 (pg 4)

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by wojchiech

Even though I've been on this forum for a while I've never started my own thread (mostly because I didn't feel like any of my bikes deserved their own thread). Hopefully my emonda is good enough reason. I started with the SLR frameset which I ordered late last year. I built it up with mechanical Shimano 9000 for the drivetrain (I'm a bit of a purist and technophobe that way), eecycleworks direct mounts for slowing down, & custom built stans/BHS/sapim wheels. The remaining build details are below:

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frame: Emonda SLR H1 54cm - 765g
fork (cut): " 292g
headset: Cane Creek/Enduro SS - 84g
expander: Extralite Ultrastar 2 - 7g
spacers/topcap: absoluteblack/carbon - 8g
stem: tuned Kalloy Uno 130mm - 110g
bars: 3T Rotundo LTD 40cm - 182g
tape: Bontager Supertack - 50g
shifters: DA9000 - 369g
cables/housing: Alligator I-links - 120g
fr der: DA9000 - 66g
rear der: DA9000 - 161g
brakes: EECycleworks DM - 168g
crankset: DA9000 w/ stages - 645g
bb: BB90 Enduro AC stainless - 60g
pedals: Bebop SS/Ward Ti - 154g
chain: KMC X11SL - 237g
saddle: Berk - 71g
seatpost: custom rockwest - 86g
wheels: ENVE45T/PillarTi/BHS - 1048g
skewers: bhs Ti - 44g
cassette: DA9000- 195g
tires: Bontrager RXL
cages: tune Wasserträger - 22g
fairy dust: 28g

Total: 5.5 kg (12.33 lb)

I'm impressed with how smooth DA9000 is. I've been a SRAM guy since the first generation rival/force, and before that was just second-hand older Shimano (friction shifters, square taper cranks, etc.) The EE brakes are amazing using one finger to descend everything - they're better than a lot of mechanical disk brakes in modulation and power. This was also my first carbon bike. :thumbup:

Enough talk...


and detail shots:

minimum required 5mm spacers top and bottom (for warranty purposes), veloflyte bearing cover:


Bebop stainless pedal bodies with Ward Ti spindles. Stainless M4 fixing bolts (and custom rubber dust caps):


EEcycleworks, the reason I won't have disc brakes on my road bike for a long time. :wink:


Thanks for looking. :beerchug: I'll try to update whenever I make changes.
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by spiderghost

Definitely my favorite Emonda so far. Nice!

by Weenie

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by stuka666

Great job, congrats.

Keep feeding us new pictures :D

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by jbaillie

Dude, this Emonda is amazing, your build selections are fantastic.

Do you ride on a super down-tilted saddle or is that just this particular photo?

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by wojchiech

The nose of the saddle is pretty level, but tail to nose the saddle has a bit of a down tilt. The location of the photo in that full shot is an abandoned airfield, and along with the bike not being centered between those treelines and the ground not being very level it does exaggerate the angles of the bike a bit.

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by CaptainP

Cool build!

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by PSM

Really good looking build!

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by Tomstr

Wow, very nice build!

So light and understated, I like it! :) Your photo of the carbon spacers has me thinking about my own setup as well, good point.
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by Krull

h1-frameset looks really nice, much much better than h2 (ok, question of personal taste, just my opinion).
build is super-nice, as said, wonderfully-understated, without any sensationalism! pure and it!

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by zulu695

very nice bike and build! I like it a lot!

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by BrunoDMS

Good job but slr frame should weigh 690gr ( Why your frame (54 H1) is heavier?
Sorry I don't speak English
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by MattBeOne

Awesome looking ride!

Got mine too for a week now, where did you get the info on the need for 0.5mm spacer for warranty? Did not hear this with mine (although its H2).

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by Calnago

That should actually be 5mm, not 0.5mm. I'm not sure if it's applicable anymore but I think it's still in their manual. Think it came about after a few steertube failures some years ago now and they were definitely stating to put at least a 5mm spacer underneath the stem and for a while came with an expander cap that pretty much forced you to use at least a 10mm spacer above the stem as well (it had this funky big spring in it). They even forbid the use of FSA stems for awhile. What they were really trying to avoid was the combination of a sharp edge with leverage against the actual bearing which may have been a cause for some of the failures. But that was a few years back. Haven't heard of any mishaps like that since.
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by FIJIGabe

Great looking bike. Enjoy it!
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by wojchiech

BrunoDMS wrote:Good job but slr frame should weigh 690gr ( Why your frame (54 H1) is heavier?

The SLR frameset comes in a matte black paint finish which is not the super light vapor coat. The vapor-coat paint option is only available on the SLR 10 complete or a project one bike.

by Weenie

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